Sunday, 16 March 2014

Auroa Primary School Connecting with Opunake and Australia

This week in class we're going to be connecting with two schools in quite different locations.

Firstly on  Friday afternoon we held our first ever Mystery Skype Call for Room One.  We had assembly but Meg and Aylssa did a fantastic job and it turned out we were talking to our new friends from Mrs T. and 6RC.  They're based in Sydney, Australia.  After our chat we received comments from most of the class so we were thrilled to make the connection.  Their fantastic blog is linked here.

Secondly we were very excited on Friday to find there are some other local schools that are also blogging and producing wonderful work.   Our friends at Opunake Primary School are blogging online throughout their school.  We're particularly liking the work from Room One (Y7/8 class), Room 14 and  Room 15 you can click on all the wonderful blogs here.


  1. Mr Webb, what a great experience for your students to connect with students from other schools in different parts of the world. I think that is a great way to learn. Thank you for sharing news about Opunake Primary Blogs. We are trying hard to get these up and running. Hopefully soon our students will be able to share their blogs with your school. Keep up the good work Room 1.

    1. Thanks Mrs Williamson
      We're looking forward to visiting your class pages during the next few days and are excited to see what your school is coming up with.
      Mr Webb