Saturday 28 March 2015

Drive in Movie Night 2015

On Friday night at Auroa Primary School we held a special event that was eagerly awaited - Drive in Movie Night! We had a massive screen brought into the school on the back of a Sanfords Truck.  We had a massive projector organised and families were able to bring a vehicle onto our school field and watch a selection of movies - as advertised in our awesome trailers there were a mixture of student work and some amazing productions from the fantastic Mr Bloor, who works at our school.   We had well over 50 cars present on site with families who brought all sorts of cars, utes, vans and trucks to school to watch - some families even brought their own couches on top of their vehicles!

Friday 27 March 2015

Best Senior Blog Post: Week Nine - Kaiah Rm1

This week at assembly we were able to recognise the Best Senior Blog Post for Week Nine. It went to Kaiah from Room One for her excellent post about meeting Miranda Sings, who is a Youtube sensation. You can read Kaiahs excellent recount about the event here. Kaiah was also one of the MOA Kluster Finalists in Best Blog for 2014 at the MOA Awards.

Wednesday 25 March 2015

What Does R3 Know About the USA?

This week we're really excited to be helping out Mrs Ladds Class from North Carolina, USA, as they participate in an amazing feat - they are Skyping for Twenty Four Hours. Room Three will be talking to them on Friday for half an hour - we were lucky to be able to view their school website and Class Wiki, which got us thinking - what do we really know about the USA? We thought that we knew a lot but when challenged to come up with five facts each about the USA that were correct, it turned out to be harder than we thought! The slideshow with this post is a series of pictures of the Scrap Books of the students of Room Three. It also lead us to create a series of questions for Mrs Ladds Class that came out of what we read about them and what we think we know from class - some of the highlights included:

  • Do have to wear hats at school (as they are compulsory at our School in New Zealand)?
  • Can you bring your own lunch to School?
  • Do any of your students and their families live or work on farms?
  • How do you keep safe from Alligators?
  • Do you wear shoes at School?
  • What do you students do at break time?
  • Do you know what Rugby is and does anyone play it?
  • What Colour is McDonalds in America?
  • What kind of wild animals do you have around where you live?
We are looking forward to speaking to Mrs Ladds class on Friday (which will be Thursday theyre time).   

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Jorja's Fantastic Eeling Post

We had a great time on Thursday the 19th of March the Eel we caught was massive it was just under one metre long.   

We had great fun I went down the back of the farm with my brother Taylor my sister Madaline and myself.  We had to take two line's down one of the line's broke and the we had two use the others line tell me if you and your family or friend's go Eeling?

Jorja has been doing some fantastic posting on her student blog - this post (and photo) were about a common activity for rural New Zealanders - catching eels.  You can see the original post here.

Sunday 22 March 2015

Triathlete Visit@Opunake Events Centre

On Wednesday last week a group of students from several local schools were able to attend a special function at the Opunake Events Centre to hear questions (and ask questions) from the Athletes.  The Athletes were here in New Zealand to compete in this weekends New Plymouth Sprint Triathlon.  

The athletes were Miriam Casillas Garcia and her brother Alberto who are Spanish and Daniel Hofer from Austria.

If you want to read what the students of Room Three thought about the experience then have a look at some of these reports from the students of Room Three who attended.   Zariah wrote about the visit on her blog here, as did Abby.   Katelyn wrote about it here, Kyah wrote about it here.   Charlotte, Ebony and Brody added details as well.  

Our students have been all completing their blogging work in their own time, many of them writing and adding details at the weekend and for extra homework.  Please drop by and leave them a comment.

Thursday 19 March 2015

Slideshow by Brody and Tyson

Rico's iMovie Exploits

Recently we've had some students from Room Three involved in some fantastic activities. This has meant that some students have been managing their time in some creative ways. Rico has been completed iMovies of some of the activities he has been taking part in. His first movie is of his visit to the Sky Tower in Auckland. He took images of the visit and added text and explanation to his work. You can see his original post here:
The skytower from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Monday 16 March 2015

Some Amazing Room Three Student Posts...

Some of the students from Room Three have made a fantastic start to their blogging.  Its impossible to Highlight everyone in the classroom but there are some wonderful examples that are available for you to have a look at.

Mackenna created an iMovie about her Dog and has asked some wonderful questions about Pets that can be located by clicking on the link here.   The 2015 MOA KLUSTER awards might be later in the year but already Jorja has been taking some fantastic Photographs from her Farm.  You can see some of the wonderful videos that Jayden has been creating using iMovie about some of exciting things happening on his farm.  Zariah posted about her weekend - a great recount about her time at Dawson Falls.   Abby has also been creating some wonderful work and publishing it online.

You can see the students from Room Three who are regularly updating their blogs on the right hand side-bar.  We really appreciate your feedback and comments and kind words.

Friday 13 March 2015

Auroa School Event: Drive in Movie Night 2015

Swim Safe 2015

Jaydens iMovie of Home Improvements

Room Three has some fantastic students who are doing some wonderful posting already this year. We've students who are writing about school events and activities that people are involved in during school and with the local community. Jayden from Room Three has some exciting events happening at his farm at the moment - there's going to be a shift in progress and he decided to document it by filming and recording whats happening. This week he made this iMovie of some of the changes that are being made at home. He produced, edited and put it together publishing it for his blog. 
digger from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Monday 9 March 2015

Inter School Athletics 9-10 Boys Relay

Last Thursday 6th March Auroa School took part in the Inter School Athletics Competition. The team competed at Victoria Park, Kaponga against St Patricks Kaponga, Kaponga School, Manaia School and Matapu School. Auroa were the defending Champions so it was important that everyone tried their best in every race. You will know from reading this Blog that Auroa had already won the 9-10 Year Old Girls race and that featured students from Room Three, well we also had two runners in the 9-10 Year Old Boys race - Jos and Teague, and we filmed is that race. Filmed at Kaponga on Thursday 6th March, 2015. This movie was produced by Jos, Brody and Tyson.

Inter School Athletics 9-10 Boys Relay from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Friday 6 March 2015

Inter School Athletics - 9-10 Year Old Girls Relays

Yesterday we held the local Interschool Athletics Competition.  Auroa were under some pressure - as defending Champions.  It was a fantastic day for Auroa who were able to successfully defend the shield as top school.   These highlights are from the relay races - the 9 and 10 year olds, and it features several student from Room Three.  Auroa are running in the orange tops.

Inter School Athletics Y9-10 Girls Relay from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Recount Writing: Kyah Writes about Athletics

200 metre race here I come Mania , Kaponga , Matapu, St Patrick's game on. Nerves were shuffling around me like a puzzle, butterflies were fluttering around me like mad the flag is a evil red but my luck ran out it has turned to a luscious light green.

Ready, set (bang!!) running as fast as the flick of light and Usain Bolt put together, my breath was was getting stolen. My opponents follow close behind 50 metres down 150 meters to go Mania Romes behind me greedy for victory.

Running hard out I think my breath is 0% bird are going round in circles through my head. Nearly at the finish line strains of blood are pumping through my body at a uncontrollable speed. Taking a deep strong breath struggling to pump it back out my confidence levels of winning are shrinking down to 30% 2 steps away from victory 1... 2... complete.

A funny feeling swipes throw my body. Receiving my glossy red stick. my breath had gone , my victory is received, my mind is dizzy. I felt a bit funny then all of sudden streams of tears race down my face. Heat is turning everyone into bright red bulging tomatoes. I had stomach pain, gurgling water down my throat better but not good enough a strong feeling hit me saying"i need to go home". 

Teachers Note: this is Kyah's recount about her attendance at the local schools Athletics Field Day held at Victoria Park, Kaponga on Thursday 5th March.

Auroa School Swimming Sports House Relay

This is the video of the Auroa School Whanau (House) relay from School Swimming Sports held at the Stratford Swimming Pool on Wednesday 4th March 2015.   This video was produced by Jorja and Bethany from Room Three and features Rico and Bethany from Room Three.

APS Whanau Relay 6/3/15 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Wednesday 4 March 2015

School Swimming Sports: Teachers Vs. Parents Vs. Students

Today Auroa Primary School held our 2015 School Swimming Sports at Stratford Pools.   The entire school travelled to the venue to compete in a range of competitions from the juniors with their fun events to having the seniors trying to make it into the School relay team.  One of the highlights of the event was the annual Teachers vs Parents relay.  Mr Tai, Miss Nicholas and Miss Davidson were captained and lead by Mr Chittenden, and scored a resounding victory which you can watch here.

SwimmingSports2014 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday 3 March 2015

School Triathlon Recount: Jayden

W.A.L.T: I am writing a recount about a school event.

On Wednesday the school had a triathlon we were lining up go to the filed my heart
was bolting I was so nervous all the little kids had gone. Intimidated your up "Mr Tia said on
your mark get set go said Mr Tia" When Mr Tia said go we bolted to the ground."2 laps
Around the field you can do this I said to my self " 1st lap down 4.60 meters around the field.
2nd lap around 3.60 meters then run to my bike.

Bike from school to fords farm then back to school on the way up it was hard biking
up to fords on the way back it was easy biking then 2 tracks came along and I just
about fall off my bike because of the wind from the tracks.The girls are gaining on the boys behind
me. Then we got back to school then we had to swim.

Swim 2 lengths of the school pool which were 1st length 25 meters 2nd length 25
meters all together 1.25 meters then got out of the pool and got dressed then went
and got my justice ice block the day ends with a sausage and drink.

Monday 2 March 2015

So Hard: Mackennas Triathlon Recount

3... Adrenaline was pumping through me. 2... I'm so nervous. 1... GO! Mr Tai yells. Girls were running through like a stampede of elephants. I was running as fast as my legs would take me. This was hard, maybe impossible, but sadly, I signed up for it.

"Running was pain" is all I was thinking, trying to pass all these girls kept passing me. I was in the middle of the field and I still had a while to go. This was so harsh.

"I've got to stop" I think but I've still got another lap to go. I'm worn out and just to make it worse, my legs hurt!! I was puffing hard out.

My sweat was dripping like rain. This was very mighty. But I still have a bit to go. I could see a glimpse of my destination, that glory, gold and treasure. Almost there... Done!

I was still kind of annoyed that I needs to do the bike but after I could go for the swim! Yes! I'm really excited now, I'm really going fast!