Monday, 21 December 2015

Jayden's Turning the Hay Video

Another fantastic post from a Room Three student during the holidays - have you ever wonder how hay is produced? Jayden from Room Three has been Hay Making with his Dad and he's created this iMovie of the Process.  Thank you for the visit to our class page - our students are currently on their Summer Holidays and will be back at School February 1st 2016.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Caro Post about the Fitzroy Beach Carnival

It might be the holidays here in New Zealand - and we'll be back at School on the 1st February.  However there are a number of students from Room Three whose individual blogs are continuing to be posted on by the students during their holiday break.  If you'd like to read about the Fitzroy Beach Carnival then you can visit one of our amazing students blog - Caro's Creative Creations.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Edublog Awards 2015: Last Chance to Vote Today!

Today's the last chance to vote for the 2015 Edublog Awards.  There are some fantastic sites that have been nominated for the awards and as regular readers of this site will know we are humbled to be nominated and finalists again for 'Best Class Blog' for the second consecutive year.   We're also very excited that Jorja has been nominated for 'Best Student Blog'.  You can vote for the best in each catergory by clicking on the link here. (please note both our class page and Jorja's student blog have a .uk URL in our address that's because we were nominated by a class from the UK it doesn't affect the voting.

Taranaki Survivor: Grand Final Jury Vote

And the winner is... well you'll find out if you watch this post after 9am this morning.

After twenty weeks of competitions, after two terms of action it all comes down to this.  Two players survived an incredible twenty episodes to make it through to the grand final against one another.  One player each from the original Whero and Kikorangi tribes... each of the eliminated players, seventeen in all cast one final vote - not for the person to be eliminated but for the competition winner.

Caro has had more votes against her than any other player in the game and three times came within a single vote of leaving.  She's also won more immunity challenges than any other player and located more immunity idols.  Caro's been involved in some of the biggest blind sides in the game - will that count against her? Will she be able to pull off the ultimate victory?

Grand Final Jury Vote Taranaki Survivor 2015 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Harry on the other hand has had only two votes the entire competition, both from the same player.  He's won the second highest amount of challenges, behind only Caro.   He's tried to eliminate Caro on three occasions and each time she's escaped by a combination of good fortune and skill.  Is this the moment when he finally defeats her? Being the only boy left from episode sixteen onwards seemed to seal his fate - is Harry about to pull off the ultimate victory?

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Taranaki Survivor: 2015 Grand Final Caro Vs. Harry

Its all come down to this - two remaining contestants who have made it through to the 2015 Taranaki Survivor Grand Final can now be revealed.  
All season all the online polls and information said it would be Harry against Caro - and its come true.  Both are the only original players left, one each from the original Whero and Kikorangi tribe. 

Caro has won the most individual challenges out of any competitor - but also has the single most votes of any competitor.  Harry has had the least amount of votes, with only Abby voting against him twice - but he didn't win as many challenges as Caro.  No-one found as many Immunity Idols as Caro - but will the fact she's had a hand in some of the biggest blind sides of the competition count against her? Online polls have both predicted wins? How close will the vote be?

The vote will be revealed Thursday morning... who has triumphed? Who has managed to outwit, outlast and outplay every other competitor to take the grand prize?  All these pressing questions will be revealed in the vote tomorrow morning as we wrap the 2015 season! In the end out of these two incredible competitors only one can claim the title and the other will have to reflect on coming so close to victory.   It all ends tomorrow with the final episode ever of Survivor: Taranaki!

Taranaki Survivor: Grand Final Part 3

All season every online poll for this competition has featured two names at first and second - Caro and Harry, and as it turned out heading into the final part of the final immunity challenge for 2015 these were the two competitors who would decide who would win final immunity.

One of these players would win immunity for the final time and guarantee themselves a spot in the final two.  The other would be at the mercy of the last two votes - the first to eliminate the players to three and the second a single vote to decide who contests the 2015 Grand Final.  No-one had found more hidden immunity idols or won more challenges that Caro, but no-one had more votes against her in the entire game.  Harry had only ever received two votes in an incredible run last nineteen episodes: was this about to come to an end? Would he fall at the final hurdle? One thing was for sure when they went head to head there could only be one winner.

It couldn't be more dramatic than what happened in the twentieth and final episode of Taranaki: Survivor! Who will make it through? Who gets to cast the deciding votes who makes it as far as possible without going all the way? This is the second to last episode of Taranaki: Survivor ever... the end is nigh!

Taranaki Survivor: Grand Final Part 3 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Grand Final P2

Who would qualify for the very last challenge? Caro had already made it through to the final part of the Grand Final with a win against Mackenna by mere seconds.  In the second round the three remaining contestants Zariah, Mackenna and Harry were looking to advance to the finals.  This would be crucial as the two votes coming up would decide the final two - whoever had immunity would guarantee getting into the jury vote final, and for two contestants it would be the end of the road who would get so close and just miss out.  Who would advance to the finals?  
Taranaki Survivor: Grand Final Part 2 from myles webb on Vimeo.

The greatest internet blog competition of all time is about to end - with only Part Three of the Grand Final to come - one player has to make it through and for two the journey is about to end - this couldn't be a more crucial episode of Taranaki:Survivor!

Monday, 14 December 2015

Taranaki: Survivor - 2015 Grand Final Part One

Its finally here! Part One of the 2015 Taranaki: Survivor Grand Final.  The remaining for contestants were racing to be the first person to make it through to the final.  To do so they had to collect four bags of puzzle pieces from the four corners of the school, race to the cricket pitch area and assemble a puzzle that included a phrase and a image... this was the single most important challenge on the entire season, win the first heat and the contestant would go through to the final where the last immunity challenge would have a massive bearing on the finals...

Survivor Taranaki: Grand Final 2015 from myles webb on Vimeo.

This episode saw an unbelievable finish - a fifteen minute challenge went down to the last two seconds between two of the contestants... who would move through to the next round?  Who would have to try again for a spot in the last two? All will be answered in the Taranaki Survivor: Grand Final Part One Video.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Grand Final Week

It all ends this week - the greatest internet competition of all time!

When episode 18 closed there was no elimination due to a double idol play, leaving four compeditors battling it out to make it through to the grand final jury vote. This week the fate of Zariah, Mackenna and the two players who have survived 18 consecutive episodes, Harry and Caro will be decided.

Three episodes - two consecutive eliminations leaving two competitors vying for 18 jury votes.... 

Monday and Tuesday the first two part final is going to be broadcast then the final two competitors will be revealed - Wednesday will be the huge vote - all 18 competitors who were eliminated one by one by one will have their say in who the grand final winner will be...

Online voting has consistently predicted a Caro and Harry final? Will this be the case? Can Caro, whose had more votes than anyone in the competition survive another two rounds? Can Harry whose been the last boy left in the game for some time make it through? Can Zariah or Mackenna cause a huge upset? How much does the game play of the contestants come into the final decisions?  

All these questions will be answered in the Grand Final this week! This competition is never to be repeated! Part One of the Grand Final has an episode finish that has to be seen to be believed as nothing separates the competitors! Be sure to stay tuned to this blog Monday - Tuesday and Wednesday for the Grand Final! 

All 18 episodes can be accessed from the Taranaki: Survivor Tab on the top of this blog.

Google Slides - Pick a Path: Ebony

This is my pick a path that I did for writing at Auroa school room 3 and my theme is Haunted House and  welcome to my spooky world: Hope you can get to the end.

This narrative writing was created by Ebony from Room Three using Google Slides and Mr Spice from Auroa's Pick-A-Path Idea.  You can visit Ebony's blog by clicking on the link here.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Q and A for Jazi from Australia

Earlier this week we were asked to answers some questions for Jazi a student from Liddiard School in Victoria, Australia who has been studying New Zealand.   As a class earlier this week we discussed her questions and drafted answers to them in our scrapbooks.  We also created this video filmed and edited by Jayden from Room Three in answer to her questions.

Questions for jazi from Jayden. F on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Edublogs Awards - Best Classroom/Student Blog Finalists 2015

We are thrilled to learn this week that we have been nominated for a very special award - we are one of the finalists for the Best Classroom Blog for the 2015 Edublog Awards.  This is an international award that we have been nominated for and reflects the awesome work that our students have completed during the year.

In addition to this exciting news we also had another nomination for best student blog for Jorja from our classroom in the Best Student Blog.  These are significant awards and we are thrilled for the opportunity and the experience - wonderful to see some of our Blogging Friends and Classrooms that we have collaborated with during the year being likewise nominated.  Please check out the nominee's and good luck to all finalists.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 18

Only one more episode to go for Taranaki: Survivor!  In this weeks episode the final four contestants of Harry, Mackenna, Caro and Zariah had to compete in a timed trial along a course answering questions as created by fellow contestants Siobhan and Bethany.  The players had to locate cones at different locations based on clues and information and correctly guess answers about the show they were competing in.

Up for grabs was possibly the greatest prize yet offered - a chance to take part in the final episode... there's been twists and turns before in the series but none as unbelievable as what was about to happen in this episode!

Who would make it through to the final three? Whose game would go nearly all the way and then fall at the final hurdle? Who would triumph and make it through? This was the last episode where immunity idols could be played - would the fabled and mysterious 'super idol' of the golden horse make an appearance? Who could you afford to trust? For the second to last time these questions would become obvious once you viewed this exciting episode.

Taranaki Survivor Episode 18 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Spoiler Alert! Don't continue to read this if you don't want an explanation of what happened during the vote! 
Harry decided to give his hard won immunity over to Zariah, leaving him vulnerable to being voted off.  Zariah received two votes, from Caro and Mackenna but neither counted.  Harry and Zariah voted against Caro and it seemed as if Caro's game would finally be over.  However it came down to the location of the 'golden horse' immunity idol.  Who-ever had found it first would receive a second chance as votes towards them also didn't count.   Harry had located it and so had Caro - but who was first? Harry had realised the clues pointed towards the School Library but in his first two searches of the School Library he hadn't been able to locate it.  Caro had also realised this however she had searched and located it first time, just ahead of Harry.  As a result the votes for her didn't count either meaning all the remaining players had made it through to the finals!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Answers about NZ for Jazi

We've had a connection with Jazi from 3/4J Liddiard Primary School in Traralgon in Victoria, Australia.  She is researching New Zealand and had a series of questions about New Zealand.  The original post was this (on Twitter).

Room Three at Auroa Primary School decided that we would answer Jazi's questions and provide that information for her.  The first stage of this was to answer her questions and look at supplying the answers in written form.  This slideshow shows some of work from the Room Three students in their scrapbooks as they answer Jazi's questions.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Friday's Water Slide@APS

Last Friday we had an amazing event at Auroa Primary School. Thanks to Mr Chittenden and the Auroa School PTA we had a surprise for students. Some students thought that we'd be having a swim or a polythene sheet on the ground for a water slide - however this was not the case - a commercial 11m water slide had been hired for the students to enjoy. The amazing Mr Bloor our AV star created this video with these highlights.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 17!

Want to play the same challenge the contestants did? Locate the NZWaikato Kahoot
There's just two episodes remaining of the greatest classroom internet blog competition series of all time! There was yet another twist - there was a Kahoot Classroom competition in class. Not one, but two - in the first the players who'd been eliminated or the players who missed the competition and were presented with an amazing chance to get back into the game; win the Kahoot Challenge and you would be back in.

There was a huge field of competitors for this challenge - it came to the last two questions when Zariah managed to pull out possibly the biggest win of the competition. Following that the players knew Zariah would have immunity for the next challenge - however the challenge followed on straight away. Four players were extremely nervous, the final was no more than two episodes away and everyone was desperate to continue. So much so that after the challenge two idols were played... desperate times and desperate players. Everyone knows that the greatest prize of all time  
Taranaki Survivor: Episode 17 from myles webb on Vimeo.

awaits the winner of the competition but who could that be? After seventeen episodes there are three remaining players who've never been defeated.  Who would fall? Who would fail at the final hurdle? Whose competition would end in ultimate despair ALL these questions are answered in one location - Episode 17 of Taranaki:Survivor!

The Haunted Basketball Ball Court

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Google Slides: Pick-A-Path Narrative Writing

Ashton's Calf Season

We've some students in Room Three who are very active in competing in the local competitions at various agricultural shows in local towns.  Some of these have been very successful.  One of these students, Ashton, has produced the following video showing his calf exploits this year.