Thursday, 1 November 2018

Maths Slow Chat - Worser Bay Primary School

Our friends at Worser Bay Primary School have come up with another great Mathematical based idea - Maths Slow Chat.  You can click onto the link here and see this fantastic example of great Mathematical Thinking.

We are creating out own version of this fantastic idea and we will be publishing it on our blog very soon.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Taranaki Tai and Joe - Explanation of Working - Video

Locating whio from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Auroa Primary School - Room Six in the News!

This is a link to the article in the Stuff about Room Six and their work for Project Mounga which has featured on the Stuff Website.

You can click on the link to the article here.

Stuff Article on 'Taranaki Tai/Whio'

Our special Room Six Visitor at the end of Term Three, "Taranaki" Tai has also featured in the Stuff Newspaper/Website about his (and Joe's!) efforts to help the Whio.

You can click on the link to the article here.

Thank you for the visit to the Room Six Classroom Blog - its the School Holidays in New Zealand, we are currently on the first week of a two week break.  We will be back in the classroom to resume Term Four on Monday 15th October 2018.   You can leave a comment or email Mr Webb in the meantime.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Taranaki Tai Visits Room Six at Auroa Primary School

Yesterday we had a very special visitor to Auroa Primary School - Taranaki Tai! Tai is a Whio Dog who work (with Joe from the Department of Conservation!) on the Mountain to look for Whio (Blue Duck).   Tai goes up the Mountain three times a week.   Tai is two years old.   Tai has to wear a mussle when he is up the mountain.   When Tai finds a Whio he stands still and points like an arrow!

Room Six is going to be working on a big project to bring the Whio back to South Taranaki! We have to take care to remove the Whios main predators, the Stoats, Ferrets and Weasels.

We are very lucky to have such famous visitors to our classroom, as Tai has his own Facebook Page (called 'Taranaki Tai). 

It was a fantastic experience to help us with our Whio learning.   Tai very playful when he was in the classroom, he kept rolling on the ground.   He didn't bark and behaved himself extremely well while he was a visitor at Auroa Primary School.   Joe and Ellen from the Department of Conservation gave us lots of important information about Whio.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

2018 Auros School Virtual Pinball Finals!

Today it ends! The greatest virtual pinball competition ever, the 2018 Auroa Primary School Competition came to a close with a three way final between Tudr, Herizus and Wilson from Room One, competing against each other in a winner-takes-all compettion... its an epic final with the greatest score of all time... Filmed and Produced by Mr Bloor....

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Room Five's Example of Amazing Laser Cutting

Its Lamb and Calf Day for 2018 at the start of next term, we can't show you our schools amazing work all just yet, but our fellow Auroa Primary School students in Room Five have produced amazing examples of using the School Laser Cutter - to produce Photoframes for some of their art.  These examples are amazing! Thank you for sharing them with us Room Five.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Auroa School Pinball - Pool C

Its the final round of the semi-finals of the 2018 Auroa Primary School Virtual Pinball Tournament.  There were forty five students in the original competition, twelve made it through to the final, Tudr and Herizus from Room One had already made it through to this weeks finals, todays competition saw Jayden, Ebony, Jonte and Wilson competing for the final spot.

Who would triumph? Who would make it through to the final? Its an epic competition and one player will defeat the others booking themselves a ticket into the final.

Produced by the amazing Mr Bloor and featuring commentary from Mr Bloor and Mr Webb, filmed at Auroa Primary School, Tuesday 25th September 2018.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Auroa School Pinball Pool B

Its a fantastic competition - Mr Bloor's Auroa Primary School Pinball Competition! Today we shot and filmed 'Pool B' which saw Herzius, Ashton, Charlotte and Leighton from Room Six comepting for a spot in the finals. Filmed and produced by Mr Bloor, with some dodgy commentary from Mr Bloor and Mr Webb.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Auroa School Pinball Competition 2018!

Mr Bloors new project has been a 1980's Pinball Machine - an amazing machine with a huge competition - forty five players competed in a stunning competition and this week it was reduced to the top nine. This video shows the three way battle between Caris from Room Five, Tudr from Room One and number one qualifier for the finals Harriet from Room Six! Only one of these players will make it through to the finals, whose going to achieve greatness? Commentary by Mr Bloor and Mr Webb.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Zooniverse Explanation - McKenna


  • iPad, IPhone, Laptop or a desktop
  • Zooniverse Website

  1. Search up on Safari with your device that you have chosen to use.
  2. Click Classify in the top right hand corner.
  3. A few notes will pop up so have a look and see what the site has to say.
  4. Look at the picture on your screen and think about what animal it could be.
  5. Once you have figured out what animal it could be, next to the picture there is a list of animal names click the name of the animal that you think is shown in the picture, if you don’t know what animal it is click can’t tell or no animals here button.
  6. Once you have clicked the animal name there will be a few things about the animal and below that there will be numbers click the number of the amount of animals you have seen.
  7. After that click identify, the you click done and then you click next.
  8. Once you’ve done that it will give you another photo to try to solve and try to solve as many as you can.

Taranaki Mounga is trying to reduce the amount of pests off of the mountain by eliminating them. They are trying to get more Kiwi including other native animals on the mountain. Taranaki Mounga are trying to get all of their photos identified to monitor the amount of pests, so they can get more traps to eliminate them.

By McKenna

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Cross Country 2018 - Highlights Video

Project Mounga - Zooniverse

One of the major projects that the students from Room Six at Auroa Primary School are involved in is the Project Mounga Project.  This is an amazing opportunity for our students and local community to be involved in a fantastic local project to eradicate pests from the local environment.  Our students are regularly using this site to help the project management with the identification of pests.   We are eventually be using this as a project of our own develops.  If you want to find out more information about this project you can click on the link here.

If you want to go directly to the identification page that is specific to the Taranaki Mounga project, to identify some of the pests that have been seen on our mountain you can go directly to that page by clicking on this link here.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Nadiths Time Lapse

As part of Auroa Schools MOA Awards for 2018 our students are each recoding a Time Lapse of something of local interest. This Time Lapse was created by Nadith from Room Six.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

MOA Highlights - Mr Spice's Amazing Work!

Continuing our MOA Awards highlights from years gone by we are highlighting the work of some of the teachers and students from Auroa School from 2014-6. These videos are the collective work of a number of students from Mr Spices classroom! Enjoy!

MOA Highlights - Mrs Derbyshires Amazing Work

Later this year we have one of our major events the 2018 MOA Awards. These awards are held every two years and are a major event for our cluster of four schools. We have started looking at some examples of work from previous awards. These fantastic amazing videos are from Mrs Derbyshire who used to teach at Auroa Primary School. If you look very closely at some of this fantastic work you might well see some famous faces of students who are currently in Room Six!

Friday, 3 August 2018

Term Three's AKO Topic: Rivers

This term we have a special project involving some of our local Taranaki Rivers.  We are just starting our investigations into the animals that live around and near the rivers in South Taranaki where Auroa School is.  This information graphic on Mosquitoes was produced by Caitlin.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Caitlin's MOA Awards Photos'

These Photos are from Caitlin, in Room Six.  She's thinking about one of these photos for the 2018 MOA Awards, they've all been taken with an iPad, by Caitlin this year.   She's really interested in having some feedback about which one she should select.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Winter in New Zealand

Its the first of June in New Zealand, to celebrate this our students this morning went around school and looked at the evidence of frost and Winter as seen at Auroa Primary School.   They then created a Googleslide of the images, which are shown below.

This is another of the awesome efforts of our students.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Photos from the Other Side of the World...

Nadith from our classroom is currently on the other side of the world - visiting family in Sri Lanka - he sent these amazing photographs from his location - a MOA Awards photograph perhaps?

Friday, 25 May 2018

South Taranaki in the news!

Yesterday and today one of our local beaches has been in the news for a very sad incident - the stranding of a group of whales.  You can click on a link to this article about it in the news.

Some of our students from Room Six have had an opportunity to visit the local beach where the stranding took place.   Lauren from our class went this morning and took these photos.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

McKennas Travel Blog Link

We have two of our students from New Zealand currently travelling the world! McKenna is currently somewhere unusual, as you can see from the photo! Can you guess? Shortly she will be visiting France and Germany.  She has created a travel blog detailing where her adventures! You can read them by clicking on this link here. 

Thursday, 10 May 2018

MOA Awards 2018

Its MOA Awards time for 2018.  Every second year our cluster of four local schools the MOA Kluster (Matapu, Opunake, Auroa and Kaponga Primary Schools) hold a digital awards evening- this year taking place in Term Four.

Auroa School students have a huge number of projects that they are working on and contributing towards as we head towards these awards.   The photograph shown above is Zoes entrry into the photographic competition, she is wanting some input into a title for this picture - what could it be called? Is there anything she could do to the image?

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Mathematical Collaboration: Worser Bay Primary School

Our friends at Worser Bay Primary School last week were on School Camp, as part of that they produced a series of Mathematical Equations that we were able to solve and work on in class. That inspired us, in turn to come up with a series of Mathematical Problems created by our students, for their students to solve. They are displayed in the slideshow shown below.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

CM2 Brindas - a Tour of their School and Town

Our amazing friends from France, from CM2 in Brindas, France, have produced a fantastic video that shows their school, answers our questions and even shows us a tour of their town in France! You can click on the link to our amazing friends here!

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Room Three's Week Five Slideshow in Class

New Zealand compared to England

Drip... Drip... Clang!

Drip… Drop… Clang!
Drip drop, it sounded like a little mouse in the gutter.
Ding, a little light in the lounge lit up.

Mum put our couch in front of the sliding door in case it broke.

Slam!, slam!, slam!, Mum's tunnel house door kept on slamming
and a bar in the tunnel house was bent, and at the back window broke
as well as a fence.

While the Storm was going, and we had no power, my siblings and I
made some fun activities in the garage, Smoke from the barbeque rose
to the roof and out the door. My siblings and I ran around outside
like animals!

Flying carpet! The wind blew up air into the carpet it looked funny!

When the storm stopped we drove to Feltham, Big tree roots came
out. My Uncle has 6 big sheds and the doors broke, all of them did
Uncle get disappointed.

By Sophie

Cyclone Gita Recount

Cyclone Crazy

My hair was blowing everywhere we were slowly walking to the house , I didn’t speak at all as it was so windy.

“Wow!” I said as we stepped through the door. Grandad looked at the window and grabbed the phone soon my whole family ( my uncle and aunty ,my parents and my cousin) had arrived and were pushing down the tree outside. Apparently the tree could blow onto Grandad’s house. After that we had dinner with Sonya and her Husband .

Then all of a sudden, I heard a shout “ Guys come look!” It was Mario , he was pointing out the window at something. I pushed through the Adults and saw the Palm Kernel trailer rolling through the paddock. Dad rushed outside and drove them out. Nervous that they were going to knock out a Cow!

After dinner Me and Mario were in bed while Dad was outside pushing a tree off the road and Mum was outside with the hazard lights. It was definitely Cyclone Crazy!

The Black Out

The Blackout

Suddenly the lights started to flicker and the room went dark. Dad  got the candles mum
got the matches and Luke and I got the torches. Once every room in the house was full
of light, we noticed that the bobby shed was being blown across the paddock, the roof
had been blown off and the same with the sides.

“ What would you like to have for dinner there's eggs eggs and more eggs.” Said mum and
we all went with eggs. While we were having dinner we could hear the wind howling and it
was banging on the windows. Bang one of our stools hit the bricks outside, so dad ran
outside and moved the stools away from the window, so it won't get blown into the window!

At about 6am the power came back on. Once we had our breakfast Luke and I got on our
bikes and rode down to the cowshed, but we had to stop because a big tree had fallen
down, so we turned around and went to see how badly damaged the bobby shed was,
but it was gone. But later on we found out that Dad had took it away with the tractor,
never to be seen again.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Pousson Slideshow 2018

 The mascot pictured in this Slideshow is Pousson which was a gift for us from our dear friends from CM2 Brindas School in France.   Mia, Ava, Jayden and Ihaka took the mascot and carried it around Auroa Primary School, the brief was to take photographs in a series of interesting locations.

Auroa Primary School: Donkey's back for 2018

We're back for 2018! Our classroom has had a shift of location - we're now Room Six at Auroa Primary School, as Mr Webb has changed classroom and we have a new group of amazing Y5/6 students who are so excited about all the amazing things that are happening this year. We would love to hear from you and your classroom this year. You can contact us by leaving us a comment on one of our posts or by emailing our teacher at Have a great year everyone! This slideshow features our classroom mascot 'Donkey' a group of Room Six students, Lauren, Mya, Hannah, Siobhan, Theresa and Cahill took the Donkey around Auroa Primary School and took a series of intersting and creative photographs using the 'Donkey' as a prop.