Monday, 30 November 2015

Mr Spice and Room 3's 2014: Pick a Path with Google Slides

This week in class we're completing work inspired by Room Three 2014: Mr Spice and his class made Pick-A-Path adventures that were created in Google Slides and the paths that were available were created by clicking on the Hyper Links. It really is an amazing creation and the students from last year created some sensational work. You can click on the link to the original here, and these instructions were created by two of Mr Spice's students.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 16 - The Final Four Revealed!

Episode Sixteen: "Last Chance for the final four..." Broadcast 30/11/2015
Summary: The final five were about to become the final four with a challenge that would test their nerve.  The premise was simple - a block on the hand, added to and added to as the stack became higher balancing the pile would be more difficult - the first person to topple was out.  Who would rise to the challenge and claim a final four spot? Whose nerve would hold leading to victory? Hosted by fan favourite former contestant (and popular in Hong Kong) Rico, this would test the nerves of the remaining players who had endured sixteen outstanding episodes... once again the remaining contestants would be reduced by a factor of one... one survivor was about to exit the game... or would they? Would another idol come into play? What twists and turns awaited the remaining players? All these questions can be answered in only one way - by watching episode sixteen of Taranaki Survivor!

Taranaki Survivor Ep 16 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

More Question and Answers for Brindas School in France

Brindas School, France asked us - why don't the students at Auroa School in New Zealand wear shoes at School? As part of a current collaboration that we're involved in Brindas School are learning English and as part of our classroom program we've got a class of students learning French.

If there's one thing that we get asked more than anything else from schools and students overseas its that - why don't we wear shoes at school? If you look at our classroom videos and our school videos the students aren't usually wearing shoes.

To answer Brindas School, Elazae and Aroha from the Auroa Primary School French Class produced this video which helps answer this questions for our friends in France - you can visit their fantastic class page by clicking here.

Why don't we wear shoes at School in NZ ask Brindas School, France? from myles webb on Vimeo.

Brindas School also wanted to know about our technology at school. They wanted to know about the technology that's used by our students whats available and who uses them. They also wanted to know what happens if someone didn't have an iPad what would we do. Mackenna from Room Three went around Auroa School and created this video  
What Technology do we use - ask Brindas School in France from myles webb on Vimeo.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Y6/7 Vertical Horizons Camp Highlights

Vertical Horizon Highlights from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Highlights from the 2015 Y6/7 Camp at Vertical Horizons, Inglewood.

Answers for Brindas School in France

Our friends from Brindas School in France wanted to know the answers to many questions - and these videos created by our students from Auroa School in New Zealand, answer them: Brindas School asked "what sports do you play?" this video was prepared by Quade from Room Three

What Sports do we play in New Zealand? Ask Brindas School, France from myles webb on Vimeo.

Not to be finished Quade also produced this video about our School Mascot, Piri the Pukeko!

What is the Auroa School Mascot and Why? Ask Brindas School, France from myles webb on Vimeo.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Vertical Horizons - Camp Highlights

Vertical Horizons 2: Rico from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Auroa Primary Schools Y6/7 students have been away on Camp this week - the students have been to Vertical Horizons in Inglewood - the Y7 students are still there, however, the Y6 students returned to School on Friday Morning and worked on producing some highlights videos of the amazing adventures that the students were able to attend and take part in. This video of highlights produced by Mackenna and Abby is of some of the activities the Auroa Primary School students were involved in:

Vertical horizon 3 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 15

Its episode 15 of the online internet classroom sensation Taranaki:Survivor.  There's only six survivors left in the competition and after this episode we would be down to the final five! In this challenge Harry used his advantage purchased in Episode 14's Auction and was allowed to pair the contestants up with a former contestant - one had to throw a frisbee into a catch area where all four contestants were trying to catch it and receive a point.   Skill, luck and working together would ultimately lead one contestant to immunity - while the others would await their fate...
Taranaki Survivor: Episode 15 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Who would triumph? Who would advance to the final five? The grand final is only a few episodes away - who would fall at the (nearly) final hurdle? One thing is certain the only way that you could answer all these questions is by watching episode 15 of Taranaki Survivor!

Cinquain Poetry Exemplar

Following Desmond's wonderful example of Diamante Poetry which inspired the students from Auroa Primary School to create their own we've also used him as an inspiration to create our own poetry exemplars; this being created by Mackenna from Room Three based around Cinquain Poetry.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Sumobots Vs. Opunake Primary Highlights

This video created by Jayden from Room Two shows every epic battle from the Sumo-bots competition at Auroa School Today. The competition was ultimately won by Zayden from Room Six and Jayden from Room Three.

The students had been building their robots since last term, from scratch.  They were either NXT Lego Robots or EV3 Lego Robots and the students spent their own time creating and refining their robots.  In the end the robots had to face each other in the sumo ring 1 on 1.  The first robot to push the other one out of the ring, topple the other one over, or cause it to loose a part (as happened in the first epic round) was declared the winner.  These amazing highlights were filmed by students from Room Three and edited and produced by Jayden and Ashton.

Sum Bots Highlight 2015 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Auroa Vs. Opunake Sumobots 2015

Today Auroa Primary School hosted our friends from Opunake Primary School - the reason was the Sumobot Competition between the two schools. The objective was simple... defeat the other robot by pushing it out of the ring... these highlights (and there's considerably more to come) were produced my Mackenna from Room Three.

Sumo-Cup 2015 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Music Recital

On Sunday at the local community hall the students who have been taking music lessons during 2015 held a performance.   This performance featured several students in Room Three, you can read all the details and see footage of the performance on the winning blog for the Senior School from the MOA Kluster, Madalines Mayhem.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Grand Final Champion at Waverly Show

This is the photograph of the Waverly Show, which some of the Auroa School Students competed in yesterday.

"On Tuesday it was fun and I got Grand Champion and I also got Supreme Champion over all. I have six trophies now. I got 2nd in leading, 1st in dairy type, Champion for over all dairy type, and Grand Champion. And got two big trophies"

"On Tuesday I went to a calf show at Waverly. I got 1st in leading and than I got champion.
And I made it in to the Grand champion. "

Guest Post from Desmond from Point England School - Diamante Poems

This amazing post about Diamante Poems has been created by Desmond from Point England School in Auckland. He's described the criteria for a Diamante Poem and created some fantastic examples which he's published on his student blog. The link to his work can be found by clicking here.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 14

Incredibly as it may seem as we are nearing the end of the school year we are also ending the year of various projects, first and foremost amongst them is Taranaki Survivor: which is incredibly already up to episode 14.  There are only seven competitors left at this point, all desperately hoping to make it through to the grand final in the last week of school.  This weeks episode was a auction where the players could use imaginary money to purchase items... would this be a chance to relax? Would this be an elimination episode? There are yet more twists and turns for the competitors as we approach the grand final in a few short weeks! Who would make it through to the next round? Who would fall short? Would there be another immunity idol played? Who would make a big move? All these rhetorical questions might well be answered in episode 14!

Taranaki Survivor Episode 14 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Room Fours MOA Awards Finalists

These videos are the finalists form Room Four at the MOA Kluster MOA Awards. You can click on the link to Mr Spice's Classroom Blog here.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Special Double Episode Part Two

Survivor Episode 13 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Episode Thirteen - Remember when?
We are approaching the end of the year and the end of the greatest competition in online internet classroom blogging Taranaki:Survivor! School in New Zealand ends in five weeks with our school prize giving, school concert and the grand final of Survivor: Taranaki! During the course of the competition there have been 13 eliminations and with idols proving more elusive, with the 'Redemption Idol' having being located twice spots for the contestants and chances to make the final are at a premium.

In this episode, hosted by former contestant Rico, the remaining survivors needed to remember a pattern that Rico would call out and rebuild it in their own space. The challenge took place with up to a ten block sequence.  Contestants had to recall the sequence in order and build their own version returning for a reveal that would send them one step closer towards immunity.  Get it wrong, only once and the challenge would be over.

After this episode one more contestants hopes would be ended leaving a final seven.  Who would step up and recall the facts? Would a hidden immunity idol come into play? How united would the remaining players be? Would the fact that Jorja wasn't present count against her? All these questions would be answered in episode thirteen of the greatest internet blogging competition of all time!

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Double Episode Special Part One

Huge developments during Taranki:Survivor this week - as we approach the finals coming up in just over four weeks.  Firstly during the first episode this week the remaining contestants had to pair up with a previously eliminated contestant and work together by passing throwing or kicking a ball from one location to another.  While it sounded simple, if the ball was dropped, the pair had to go back to the start and start again! This was filmed at the start of the week:
Survivor12 from myles webb on Vimeo.
Who would rise to the challenge? Who would be able to work together? Who would find the challenge too much? With contestants going and continuing to leave the game the winner is going to emerge shortly - who is it going to be? One thing is for certain Episode 12 would see one more player leaving the greatest game in the history of internet classroom competitions!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Answering our friends from France!

We've been very excited this year to be collaborating with Mr Galligani CM2 Class in Brindas School. They've been wonderful helping us with the learning of our French, and they had some questions about Auroa Primary School and School in New Zealand. Harry's already answered a lunch based question about how we eat our lunch. The following videos created by students in our class answer their questions about our Swimming Pool, Field and the Classrooms. Make sure you follow the link and check out their amazing class page. The students wanted to know about the size of the meadow at our school. We sent Joe, Jordan and Caleb to our School Field to show the students from France what ours looks like!
JCDR France Video - Medium from myles webb on Vimeo.
Kaiah, Tamara and Caitlin looked at the question: how big are you classrooms:
My Movie 1 (1) from myles webb on Vimeo.
Renee and Charlotte covered the Community Pool which is next to Auroa School, which we use for swimming:
When can we use our Swimming Pool ask Brindas School in France from myles webb on Vimeo.

MOA Awards: Grand Final Winner

This morning in class we had a special guest from within our own School, Kaiah from Room One.  Kaiah from our school was nominated more than any other student in the MOA Kluster for her work.  She worked on the 'Bum Race 2' a stop animation movie with her brother, Durann, and this was judged the supreme winner at the 2015 MOA Awards.  Kaiah took time this morning to talk about the project, how she made it (it took two and a half days to film!) how many pictures she took (thousands!)  You can see her amazing work here:

Thursday, 12 November 2015

MOA Awards: Guest Post from Room Eight

Auroa Primary School has many different classrooms with blogs and fantastic student work - we've just had the MOA Awards which has been amazing, and this was the showcase for so many students to share their fabulous work with our community. We've been watching other classrooms efforts - if you haven't seen Room 8@Auroa Primary School you need to see their amazing work - we watched this video, a parody of Queen's 'We Will Rock You' created by the awesome students and teachers. You can click on the link to see some of their awesome work here. Well done everyone!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Lunch Eating in New Zealand

This awesome short video created by Harry From Room Three is about what and how we eat our lunch at School in New Zealand. We are looking at answering Miss Nicholson and her class who are from the Shetland Islands.

IMG_2160 from myles webb on Vimeo.

MOA Kluster Awards 2015

MOA Awards 2015: Best Educational Video

Last night at the Sandfords Events Centre in Opunake, the MOA Kluster Celebrated their 2015 Awards Ceremony. There were a host of awards during the ceremony and there's several posts about the event to come during the next few days. There were some fantastic work on show which we intend showcasing in the coming days. Room Three's work featured in several categories including our nomination for 'Best Educational Video: Intermediate'. This was a group of students: Rico, Mackenna, Jayden, Caro and Jorja who created a model of the Hawera Water Tower in Minecraft and then conducted a virtual tour of the structure. We were very excited that they won the award and their winning video is below:
Winner231_Auroa from myles webb on Vimeo.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 11

Its the halfway point for school in term four, the last term of school - and we're also well over the half way point of our episodic classroom blog competition for the year, Taranaki Survivor! The competition has been fierce to this point, but in a startling development episode 11 turned into a double elimination episode! Catherine had been given a reward earlier in competition in which she had to select a double elimination episode and was intent on doing so in this episode...

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 11 from myles webb on Vimeo.

In this episode entitled 'Blind Mans Bluff' the remaining contestants had to locate an object on a hill just a short distance away... but wait... in a unexpected twist they were blind folded and directed around the course by a contestant from a previous episode... a person that they had directly voted out of the game! Who would rise to the occasion? Who would seek revenge on those who had voted them out? Who would gain the immunity idol? Who would triumph and move one step forward towards the grand final? All these important questions answered in the eleventh episode of the greatest classroom blogging competition online show of all time!

Friday, 6 November 2015

MT SPA Soccer

Thursday saw Auroa Primary School travel to Kaponga Primary School for the 2015 MT SPA Cluster Soccer Tournament.  Auroa Primary School had 8 teams in total competing, two at each of the combined levels for the tournament.

The Y1-2 and Y3-4 teams were runners up in their respective competitions.   The Y7/8 teams from Auroa competed against each other in the finals winning the tournament for the second consecutive year, after the first win in thirteen years last year.

The Y5/6 teams were split into the Victory and the Roar, which featured a number of students from Room Three.  The Victory went through pool play undefeated taking out the Manaia Carvers 2-1, beating Kaponga Primary School 5-0 before winning their final game against Opunake Primary School 1-0.   The Roar also went through into the final undefeated - they beat the Manaia Shooters 4-1 and then the Kaponga Breakers 4-2.  They then had to take on the other two top teams from the pool, the Matapu Meerkats, which resulted in a 1-1 draw, and Opunake Y5/6 second team.  The Opunake team featured two familiar faces - previous Room Three students Kyah and Tyson!  The game also entered in a draw with Tyson stopping a certain goal on full time.  This qualified the two Auroa teams for the final against each other.

The Victory proved true to their name, winning the final 4-1.  It was a tight game with the score at half time being 2-1 to the Victory.  The game also featured the goal of the tournament - Quade took a throw in, bounced the ball off a player from the other team (actually his brother) and then kicked the rebound to score from half way!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Ten

A shock elimination took place in this weeks episode. Since the start of the game there have been four leaders who were running each of the teams. Rico and Siobhan were in charge of Kikorangi, until Rico organised a blind side and had Siobhan voted out. Caro and Mackenna were in charge of Whero, until just before the merge, Whero eliminated Mackenna.

That only left Caro and Rico, who is proving popular with the oversees audience, as the original team leaders. The teams merged and in a shock development one of the two remaining leaders went out in the first merged vote. Would it be Caro? Would it be Rico? Would Caro's domination of her team lead to the others making her a target? Would Rico's popularity and skill in physical challenges mean that for him the end would be near?

Who would be identified as the biggest threat in the game? Who is the most sneakiest? Who would help an old lady across the street? Who do the remaining players think will win the game? 

All these questions answered in episode ten - there's only five weeks to go until the grand finale - who will become the first member of the jury? You can't afford to miss the developments in the most exciting episodic classroom blog challenge competition of all time! 

Survivor10 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Look What Regan Brought in!

My tractor is made up of heaps of different parts like old in day coins and spark plugs and bolts.
my Granddad.

It is made it from old motor bike parts and old scrap metal parts and gave it to me. It has a plough on the back of the tractor.

APS Senior School Blog Posts

There's some fantastic Senior School students from Auroa Primary School posting at the moment.

If you have the time we'd suggest that you go and visit Tamara's Blog and find out details of her recent triumph and the Calf and Lamb Day at Stratford which also features her sister, Room Three, Aroha. You can click on the link to her blog here.

You can also visit Meg's Blog, who is also a student from Room One, by clicking on the link here to find out details about her win at the Lamb and Calf Day with her Lamb, and a brief mention of Harry.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Some significant milestones

We're very happy this week to have achieved one particular milestone and have a second just a few days away.  This month this page had its highest viewing figures of a single month in its nearly two years of existence, when following the success of Survivor: Taranaki, the class page achieved 8k visitors in a single month and repeated broke the 400 pageviews a day mark.

Secondly and more important we wait with baited breath for Caro, nominated for a MOA Kluster Award and student blogger to pass the 13.4k pageview mark making her the most popular individual Auroa Primary School Blogger of All Time! She has had a fantastic year and written a number of popular and interesting posts.  You can click on the link to her fantastic blog here.