Thursday, 27 March 2014

Auroa Primary School Recounts about Swimming

This week for writing our students have been focussing on completing reports about the event that took place on Monday, our 2014 Auroa School Swimming Sports from Stratford.  

Students have spent the week working on a piece of writing about the event.  They planned, edited, reworked and finally published their writing.

We also focussed this week on writing an introduction or a hook that got the attention of the audience.  This came in two ways.  The first as you can see from our student blogs on the right hand side was the fact that we have 30 individual blogs.

We posed the questions to students - what is a title that they could include for their blog that would gain peoples attention.    

Some of the students work you can view from the students of Room One about the invent include:
Which of these titles to you think are the most effective? Which titles make you want to click on the link to the students work? Which of these are an effective 'hook?'

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