Sunday, 9 March 2014

Auroa Primary School Collaborating Worldwide

We've been very excited by the collaboration that we've been developing with Mrs Kriese's Class from Austin Texas. This has come as part of our involvement in the Global Blogging Challenge which was from Mrs Crain in the USA.

 This term we are looking at 'Relating to Others' and its been fantastic to receive feedback and network with students from other countries. Our students have only recently started their individual pages but already three have past the 1,000 page views mark.

One of the best parts of the collaboration has been for our students from rural New Zealand to expand their knowledge as digital global citizens.  Prior to our collaboration with Mrs Kriese class our knowledge about Texas was very limited.  Some of our students even thought that New Zealand (as a country) was bigger than Texas (as a state) in terms of population and size, we now know that this is not the case!   This coming week we're going to be completing our investigation into Texas, continue to participate in the Global Blogging Challenge and look forward to continue our networking.

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  1. Fun fact: Most of us Texas students thought New Zealand was bigger than our state, too! We knew we were big compared to other USA states, but we didn't realize just how big. We are learning along with you, and that is part of what makes this project so fun!

    Have a great week, Mr. Webb's class, and we will be in touch after we return from our Spring Break vacation.

    Mrs. Kriese