Thursday, 13 March 2014

Auroa Primary Milo Shield Vs. Highlands Intermediate

Today we host Highlands Intermediate in a knock out game of cricket for the Milo Shield   Auroa Primary School had a combined team with players from St Joseph Opunake and St Joseph Hawera. We won the toss and choose to bat.

We got off to a great start with Ambrose and Ben opening, unfortunately Ambrose got bowled for 2 runs. Coming in at 3 was Fletcher, Ben got out for 26 and he got the team of to a great start. Then Jack came in and Fletcher and Jack made a awesome partnership with Fletcher making 63 not out, and Jack making 33 not out, our final score was 144 with 2 wickets down.

Ambrose got us of to a great start with opening the bowling with Jack also, meanwhile Ambrose and Jack taking wickets, and Fletcher comes on to bowl with Nial grabbing a couple of wickets.
The next wicket was a run out by Riley P this left the pressure on Highlands Intermediate with a 5 more overs to go Riley P and Riley M taking two great catches.

Shaun was bowling the last over of the game but not taking a wicket with the last ball bowled the Auroa team have taking the big team down with one game left to go with is the big final of the competition, against Francis Douglas MC if Auroa win we go to nationals in Auckland.

This slideshow about the days game was created by Luke from Room One.


  1. Hi Room 1,
    That cricket game looks very intense,
    I don't know very much about cricket though!
    I love all the slideshows you're making with, Kizoa, is that what it's called?
    It is making your blog even more interesting!

    From Eva
    Selwyn House
    Christchurch NZ

    1. Thanks Eva
      Yes we do enjoy putting video and photographs with our images. In this case the boys wrote the recount the afternoon of their game. It was really, really intense as its fair to say that we were the underdogs. Thanks for the comment.
      Mr Webb

  2. Hey Room 1!
    I don't know how to play cricket, but I'm pretty sure the game was interesting even though I don't understand it...
    Everybody loves a game of cricket in Australia, so this post might attract Australian schools!
    Well, you guys keep on understanding and playing cricket!

    From Isabelle 6MW

    1. Thanks Isabelle
      It was a big win for our school against a much bigger other school about an hour drive away so the Boys were well pleased with their win.
      Mr Webb

  3. Hi we're Sophie and Victoria from Mrs T's class in Sydney we would like to tell you that you did very well in your game of cricket. Also we would like to congratulate you on your wonderful score of 144 runs and 2 wickets. It seems like you have lots of great cricket players in your school great job!!

  4. It was a very exciting game - great win Auroa. I look forward to the next match.