Monday, 10 March 2014

Auroa Primary School - Barefeet

We are very excited with how well some of our individual students have achieved in a short space of time with their student blogs.   Michael from Room One is currently leading the way and is soon to have over 1,200 page views.  Recently he posted videos about the student council elections.  He received this comment from Jose in Mr Millers Classroom in California, USA.

We've seen this comment before on Mr Webbs previous blogs.  Students in New Zealand don't wear shoes too often during Summer.  It varies from School to School but at Auroa Primary School the students have black shoes which they wear, which may include jandals (flip flops) but they need to be removed by the students prior to entering the classroom and placed outside, so students in the classroom are in barefoot inside, and a significant number of students go barefoot during the day at school.


  1. Barefoot is a bit of a way of life here in NZ isn't it. We seem to be quite tough.
    Especially here in the Waikato.

  2. Hi Mr Webb and Room One,

    My class asked the exact same questions...."Why do they have no shoes?". We watched your athletics day video and they pointed out that the students were running with no shoes. I explained to them that even when I was teaching back home in NZ students in my class would walk around in the classroom barefoot, and play outside. I told them I did that as a kid and that even when I did teach there were times when I would take off my shoes too! It is very different for them because they have to wear shoes and you can't take your shoes off outside here because they have fire ants that bite!

    We really enjoy following your blog and seeing all the cool things happening at your school! Thanks for sharing this post!

    From Miss Lologa and the 2nd Grade Class
    New Town Elementary
    North Carolina