Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Howdy, Texas to Auroa Primary School

Today we received a message from class and students from Mrs Kriese's Class Blog in Texas, USA. We've connected with them as part of the Global Blogging Challenge run by Janine Crain.   Its the first time we've had a class from the USA comment to us this year and as a result we had a discussion in class about Texas and what we knew about Texas.

Riley P was able to discuss information about Texas from watching Hana Montana, the movie, that people in Texas wear Cowboy hats.   There was also a discussion about Spongebob Squarepants and a character who was from Texas who rode Bulls.   Unfortunatley for our students thats where the brainstorming end.  We couldn't really recall anyone from Texas or where it was in the United States of America (North, South or East) and we shall start an investigation shortly.  In the meantime this is some of our knowledge...


  1. Come to think of it I don't really know that much about Texas. I look forward to reading your blog and learning some of the facts you discovered

  2. We enjoyed reading your notes about Texas! Much of what you wrote is common in people's perceptions about our state. We thought it would be fun to poll our students on those perceptions to see what the facts were for our group:

    12 of our 19 third period kids have seen a rattlesnake around their property
    21 of 33 have attended a bull-riding event in person
    27 of 33 have ridden a mechanical bull!
    10 of 33 occasionally wear a cowboy hat
    17 of 33 occasionally wear cowboy boots (much more frequently than hats)
    25 of 33 say "y'all" as part of our daily speech
    21 of 33 students have been hunting

    An interesting fact we looked up is that 1 in 45 Texans has a permit to carry a gun (concealed weapon permit). It is legal in Texas to carry a rifle or shotgun if you carry it in a non-threatening manner. Our teacher has seen this in public only once.

    We have enjoyed discussing our experience of Texas with y'all. Please see our new post for the blogging challenge (just posted March 5) to learn more about Austin!

  3. Hi Room One. I am Anna from 8C Selwyn House. That sounds amazing that you have had someone from overseas comment!!! We have had some overseas comments too.
    Nice Blog,

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