Monday 17 March 2014

Haiku Deck about Auroa Primary School

Today in class we looked at using 'Haiku Deck' as a way of displaying information. As part of the Global Blogging Challenge we made a connection from Austin Texas with Mrs Kriese's Classroom. They created a Haikau Deck about their home town and state of Austin, Texas - which inspired us to do the same. Most of our class were unfamiliar with Haiku Deck but we had a tight deadline, which was to plan, complete from scratch and publish a Haiku Deck about our area. These are two examples from the students of Auroa Primary School about our School and area:

This was produced by Tahana from our class:

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

This Haiku Deck about our area was created by Kaiah, Meg and Heavenlee
Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app


  1. Meg and Kaiah,

    You did a wonderful job on your Haiku Deck. New Zealand is a beautiful country.It would be an amazing experience to visit there one day! We love how you highlighted some of the best that your country and communities have to offer. We are inspired to share more about our home with you.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Mrs. Crain's 5th Grade Class
    Iowa, USA

  2. Dear Mr. Webb's Class,

    We had a great time learning about New Zealand today while visiting your classroom blog. We used Google Maps to take a close look at exactly where Taranaki is, and the Haiku Decks were a great way for us to learn more about New Zealand. Tahanah, thank you for your hard work, what a great job. We have Haiku Deck on our iPads, we may have to give that app a try to explain our area now. Isn't it great how great work inspires others? Thank you for sharing your idea!

    My boys are very interested in rugby, they think it looks like a lot of fun to play. A lot of students wanted to try Pavlova, as it looks delicious. And we all love kiwis--both the bird and the fruit, but especially the fruit! It is a pleasure learning more about your beautiful country, made extra special by being able to stop by and say hello to some of your students on their blogs.

    Mrs. Essenburg's 3rd Grade Class
    Michigan, USA

  3. Hi Mr. Webb's Class,

    My name is Georgia from 8C, Selwyn House School.

    I really enjoyed your Haiku Deck, I thought the photography was great and information was well distributed.
    In our blogs at the moment we are trying to add in different media such as Haiku Deck.

    What is your favourite part of New Zealand?

    From Georgia
    8C Selwyn House School
    Christchurch, New Zealand