Sunday 30 August 2015

Methanex Maths Competition 2015: Report

Jorja has been blogging with some sensational posts - this is her recount about her attendance at the 2015 Taranaki Methanex Mathematics Competition.  Jorja produced this recount, highlights video and all material contained in this post in her own time.   Sublime work.  You can click on this link here to see her wonderful blog which is nearing the figure of 10,000 page views!

Last night I went with my sister Madaline Methanex Maths competition that was held in New Plymouth. My sister Madaline alongside Joe. Astin. and Jordan they competen in Methanex maths competition if you are not sure what this is or you haven't been to it before here is some information about it. It was also held at seven o:Clock at night time 7:00 pm.

1) At a Methanex Maths competition you get thirty minutes to answer   six really hard questions That evolve around maths.

2) The children competing in this competition are not allowed to             communicate with the parents in any way and
same goes to the parents.

3) There are many schools that competed in this competition all     around the Taranaki region Auroa is one of the many few.

4) Click on this link here-Taranaki Methanex Maths it will take       you to the Taranaki Methanex Maths Cometiton can see what they are up to.

You may not know this is not just a Methanex Maths Competition it is a creative science fair as-well and it gave me some ideas for my science experiment at Auroa Primary School this year (APS). Here is a photo of some of the work that has gone into this fair. I also created a video of some of the highlights of some of the photage/photos/videos that I took. I hope you enjoy it!!

Wednesday 26 August 2015

Robotics: 2015 Sumo Challenge Highlights

Room Three has six students who are featuring as part of the Auroa Primary School Robotics Program. The students in this program meet every Tuesday from 2pm to 5pm. The students are preparing for a competition against three other local schools as part of the MOA Kluster - Matapu, Kaponga and Opunake. Two of the students from the program, Zariah and page decided to show our audience what's going on. They recorded this footage and today in class produced an iMovie showing whats happening. This slideshow also includes footage of the sumo bots in action - you can see two of the robots battling at just past the one minute mark. Fantastic work from two of our wonderful students. You can also visit Zariah's Blog by clicking on the link here or see what Paige has been up to by visiting her page here.
Robotics 28/8/2015 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Message for Mrs Ladd

To Beverly Ladd from Mackenna Chittenden on Vimeo. We've been hard at work in New Zealand - our School year, if you are visiting us from overseas runs from February until December. Our friends in the Northern Hemisphere are just starting the new school year - including one of our favourite connections of this year Mrs Ladd's Class from Pine Valley Elementary School North Carolina in the USA. Mrs Ladd was looking for an inspiring welcome for her students for the new school year and we thought that this was an excellent idea. Caro, Jorja and Catherine who are all blogging students in Room Three created this iMovie in class today, edited and published it. You can click on the link to Mrs Ladds Classroom here. Great to have you back!

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Caro makes it to 10,000 page views!

We were very excited at the end of last week because Caro from Room Three, who has been blogging for one and half years just had her 10,000 page view on her student blog. We are very excited for her achieving this fantastic feat and we look forward to seeing how she goes for the remainder of the year and what figures that she can achieve. If you are not a regular follower of her amazing page you can click on the link to it here.

Saturday 22 August 2015

MOA Awards: Is this Jorja's Competition Entry?

The end of the School Term for Term Three, 2015, might still be five weeks away, however the date has some important significance because its also the closing date for entries for the MOA Awards for 2015.  This is a hugely significant event for Auroa Primary School and the Schools in the MOA Kluster, including Matapu, Opunake and Kaponga Schools as we are looking to recognise digital excellence in our area.  Our students have been looking for entries in the digital images category and are having to make a tough decision because they are allowed to put forward one entry each.  Our students have been publishing these images on their blogs - this photo is a potential entry from Jorja from Room Three - she's also looking to increase her page views having targeted getting to 10,000 before the end of the year.

For those of you who were able to attend the event at the Opunake Events Centre - this video created by Sonic Vision Studios and Mr Bloor, will bring back some fantastic memories.   For those of you who missed the opportunity the event this year will be a fantastic experience!

Friday 21 August 2015

Senior Blog of the Week: Week Five

The senior blog of the week for week five at Auroa Primary School is Madaline from Room Two. Madaline is a student from Room Two who has been producing some fantastic work on her student blog.  You can click on the link here.

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Robotics 2015

Robotics Club at Auroa Primary School takes place every Tuesday from 2pm-5pm. The students who are part of this club are looking forward to taking part in the Sumo Challenge against students from Matapu Primary School, Kaponga Primary School and Opunake Primary School. When they meet the Lego Robots created by the students will compete against each other in an attempt to push the others out of the Sumo Ring! We also have two teams who were the winners and the runners up from the Whanganui Robotics Regional Competition competing in the nationals in September.

Monday 17 August 2015

Taranaki Trophy Rugby Highlights

On Friday 14th August 2015 Auroa Primary School hosted Coastal School in Rugby.  Coastal, in the white and black, were undefeated and looking to continue their strong form against Auroa (who were wearing their traditional blue with orange trim.  A tight game where Coastal's class came through although Auro did themselves proud, with Coastal winning.

Taranaki Trophy 14th August Vs. Coastal from myles webb on Vimeo.

These highlights were put together by Caro and Harry from Room Three.

Sunday 16 August 2015

Senior Blog Posts of the Week at Auroa Primary School

We had two Senior Blogs of the Week at Auroa Primary School for Week Four - we had some amazing postings that we couldn't decide on - however we selected two blogs, both of which have featured here. Firstly this week we have an amazing viewing figure to reach, we are excited because Caro is going to reach 10,000 page views! You can click on her fantastic blog here!

Our other joint winner this week - is another student that's consistently posting some amazing pieces of work.  Ashton has posted a lot of work
themed around his experience at home on his farm - this exceptional post is about a double yolked egg! If you haven't learnt about one and want to know all about it then you should click on this link and see some amazing examples of students blogging.

Friday 14 August 2015

Coastal Vs. Auroa Highlights 14/8/2015

Today at Auroa Primary School Auroa hosted Coastal School from Taranaki as part of the Y7/8 Taranaki Trophy Sports Competition.

The Schools competed in Soccer (won 0-1 by Coastal School), Netball - won 28-7 by Auroa and Rugby Union.   The ten a side competition was a tough encounter with Coastal School in the Black and White and Auroa Primary School in the Blue and Orange.    Highlights from this game were filmed by Jayden from Room Three (today) and edited by Jayden and Harry from Room Three.



On Fridays the Junior School students from Auroa Primary School have the opportunity to take part in the Junior STEAM Program. Students have a huge opportunity in a range of amazing activities.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Collaborating with Terrace End School in Palmerston North

This week we've had the opportunity to Skype and talk with the students of Terrace End School in Palmerston North about a collaboration. They are studying Farming (and this week had a field trip to a farm as part of their study!) and their teacher, Mr Hurly wanted his students to talk to our students about Dairy Farming and have a question and answer session before their trip. We thought that it would a great way to share our learning.

We Skyped them Monday and they had some fantastic questions that made us think too: some of the most straightforward questions got varying answers:

  • How long does a Cow Sleep for? 
  • How long is a cow pregnant for?
  • How many different kinds of cows are their on our farms?
  • Does our New Zealand Milk go to other countries?
These two questions got all sorts of answers from our students - but we were able to check the information and come up with answers of four to five hours and 275 days.    We have collaborated in groups with a google doc and we are looking forward to sharing it back to the students of Terrace End School.

Thursday 6 August 2015

Double Yolked Eggs: Ashton's Brilliant Work

We've had some students this year produce some incredibly high quality work. We have our MOA Awards coming up later in the year and we have a group of students who are regularly blogging in their own time and producing quality work.

We have a number of students who have been refining their work on iMovie this term - Ashton has been leading the way, inspiring others and you can see some sensational work such as Ashton's original Chicken Video or Caro's Dance Recital. Ashton has completed a second video about his chicken's - this one is detailing a double yolked egg. He completed the entire project in his own time and edited and gathered information himself. You can visit his wonderful student blog by clicking on the link here. This is his amazing, brilliant work.

Wednesday 5 August 2015

Outstanding Student Blogging: Caro's Creative Creations

We're fast approaching the point where a student from Room Three, Auroa Primary School is going to pass the 'magic' 10k page views mark for their student blog.   At this stage there's one student whose producing fantastic work that is varied and of a wonderful quality.  It might be the holidays for the Northern Hemisphere students but we've had some significant visitors to our student sites.  Recently Caro had a dance exam and she posted about it.  If you haven't seen this fantastic quality post then you can click on this link and visit her wonderful blog to read all about it!

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Ashton Amazing Post about Rural Life

Ashton one of our students continues to produce work of an amazing quality. He has been leading the way this year with some of his interesting and creative posts. This year he has created a series of posts about his farm and the animals and events that are on it. Today in class we shared his latest post - a iMovie that he filmed, created and edited himself that focusses on the chickens on his farm. You can click on the link to his amazing job here.

Monday 3 August 2015

Taranaki Trophy Rugby Highlights

On Friday 31st July Auroa Primary School hosted Opunake Primary School as part of the Y7/8 sports competition the Taranaki Trophy. Auroa Primary School hosted our friends form nearby Opunake Primary School. Auroa and Opunake competed in Soccer, Netball and Rugby Union. The rugby union was a friendly seven a side game with some amazing play, highlighted by Caleb from Room One who scored ten tries!

Taranaki Trophy Vs. Opunake 31/7/2015 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

These highlights were filmed and edited by Teague from Room Three.

Taranaki Trophy Vs. Opunake 31/7/2015 Pt 2 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

This second game highlights were filmed by Caro from Room Three who also edited and published them.

Sunday 2 August 2015

Minecraft Mystery Shots R3

Paige's Farming Video

Its a very busy time of the year for a lot of the students of Auroa Primary School as their families are involved in the calving process. Some of our students have taken the opportunity to record some of these events as they happen and post about them on their blogs. You can see what's been happening on Paige's Farm at the moment by watching this video! You can visit her blog here.
Around the Farm from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Saturday 1 August 2015

Digital Photography: Frost by Ebony

As we've moving towards the end of Winter here in New Zealand we've had some interesting weather. One day at school recently we had hail and a strong frost which provided an opportunity for our students to take their iPads and experiment with photography around school using 'Frost' as a theme. This is Ebony's work and you can click on the link to her blog here.
The Frost from Myles Webb on Vimeo.