Thursday 22 June 2017

McKenna's Amazing Holiday Work

On Friday my family and I went to Mt Ruapehu. It was late in the night so we went to this restaurant called steak and seafood we thought it sounded very nice so we went in. Fires were going and really good service we loved it. We got to chose a table it was circle shaped and seated four. Straight away a lovely man asked us if we would like drinks we said maybe a few more minutes. 1 hour later I was halfway through my dinner when I asked if I could take a photo of my dinner cause it looked yum it smelt yum and tasted yum. Luke and I were getting bored so we got mums phone and we played on snapchat when we were taking a selfie we asked the lady if she would want to come in and it showed on her that she had too much makeup on but it was just a theme. Then the lady brought that kind gentle man over and she asked us if we could put the theme on him and he thought it was very funny. sadly it was time to go but I hoped I would come back another day. we said goodbye as we walked out into the blustery night. I think that has been the best restaurant I have ever been to.

My Holiday from myles webb on Vimeo.

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Lake Rotokare Reserve - Report by Hayley

The Overgrown Jungle

The trees were hanging over the track and they were softly tapping on my head as I scooted past. Hiding the sunlight away from the soft brown earth. It was like a overgrown jungle with only one way out .  A saddleback was in the tree, singing a sweet tune to me.

On the track there were rat traps and mice traps. Zoe's Mum set off one of the traps, she poked the lever with a stick - Bang! It made me jump! Bang! Then we moved on to the end and took in the beautiful lake views.

There was not a single ray of sunshine peeking through the leaves . “Yuck mud, oh no it's on my shoes”I said with dismay. The mud was like chocolate pudding. Slush, slush sounds came from the mud as people passed through, covering everyone's gumboots and shoes. A little bit of Lake Rotokare are for everyone to take home. I enjoyed learning about our native plants and animals ,learning about our world and how to care for it .We don't have a lot of native animals in the world, so we have to look after and treasure the ones we do have . By Hayley

You can find out more about Lake Rotokare Reserve by visiting their official website.

Wednesday 14 June 2017

Edison Robot Challenge

Edison Robot Block Challenge from myles webb on Vimeo.

Our Edison Robot Challenge was to create a way to carry as many plastic blocks as possible two metres. No blocks could fall off and the students only had straws and masking tape to create a way to carry as many blocks as possible. Our winners Tyrese, Luke-Noah and Harry managed to get their Edison Robot to carry an incredible 133 blocks!

Edison Robot - Challenge

Edison Robot Challenge on PhotoPeach

Edison Robot Challenge

I'm sitting here with straws and tape beside my group. We are beginning to build our
double trailer for our trusty robot  we were given. The first part was tough without
covering the sensor so that we could drive straight and stay safe. We thought we
were going to lose the race. Suddenly luck came we came 3rd with 30 blocks. We were all happy and had a lot of fun.

On the 13th of June we started a bot competition but we didn’t get to finish so it carried on the the next day. On Wednesday the first thing we did was the bot challenge. In my group was Caitlin and Sarah. The challenge was who could carry the most blocks.and our group came second with 80 blocks. Your whole creation had to cross the line. and the line was two meter. Some people got out because one of their blocks fell off or they did not make it over the line.

We started a robot Competition on the 14th of June 2017. We had to make a robot out of straws and masking tape. We had to make something attached to the robot to hold the blocks. We had to be in teams of three. Sarah, Zoe and I were a team. We made a trailer. The robot had to go two meters. Every robot that crossed the line had a chance of winning. You could restart it 3 times but no more than 3. Every robot that crossed the line you had to count how much of blocks they could carry across the finish line. The one that crossed the finish line with the most blocks won. If even one of you blocks fell off you would be eliminated.

Friday 9 June 2017

R3 Answering Questions for Catriona in Scotland

This week we had contact wtih Catriona who is a student who is from Edinburgh, Scotland.  She was studying climate in New Zealand and sent us a video asking us some amazing questions about the climate and weather here in New Zealand. We listened to her questions, thought about them, and what we knew about Scotland, and we produced this videos to answer her questions:

Zoe, Caitlyn, Sarah and Hayley answer Catriona's Questions from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Catriona's Question was about our Winter - in New Zealand Winter is about the same as the Summer in Scotland. We looked at the differences between the two and compared the temperature! It was Winter we the Girls made this short video, and it was Summer in Scotland but we saw the temperatures was nearly the same!

Nadith, Ryan and Maree answers Catriona's Questions from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Catriona wanted to know about the rainfall - was it greater in Taranaki in Winter or Summer? Was there one month of the year that had more rainfall than others! This question was answered by Nadith and Ryan, with assistance from Maree who choose to answer the question in the Auroa Primary School Library!

1080p copy from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Will New Zealand and our farming be affected by global warming? The answer is yes according to Ellazae, Georgia, Harriet and Kassie.

Thursday 8 June 2017

R3 Auroa School Connecting with France

Our friends from Brindas School, France have just received a package that we sent to them at the start of this term. We wrote the students letters and sent some flags to them. Today they put this amazing post on their class page thanking us for the gift and the connection.

You can click on the link to their amazing class page to find all about them by clicking here.

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Winter at Auroa Primary School

This slideshow as created today by the students of Auroa Primary School to show what Winter looks like in South Taranaki. For us its the first official week of Winter. We took photographs around our school with a theme of Winter. We added a sentence describing the link between the photograph and Winter and published it. For our overseas visitors we have a mild Winter, our last snow day was in 2009. Our temperature at the moment, officially in Winter is sitting around 14 degrees centigrade.