Survivor: Taranaki

Taranaki Survivor: Grand Final Vote 2016 - Broadcast 16/12/2016
And so it ends - after a full year of competition it came down to this.   Two players one from the original Kikorangi team who had dominated the later half of the challenges and a 'wild card' who came inserted into the game to ensure that Whero was not wiped out.  

Beth who had been one of the strongest players last year before a freak result and elimination by a single vote - who had played a convincing and dominating game.  She had significant number of classmates and friends on the jury but had also had a hand in eliminating each of them.

Jamesen had played a masterful game at every twist and turn when it appeared he was doomed he was working hard behind the scenes to ensure his survival, by either dominating the identification and location of more immunity idols than any other player, including the super immunity idol, or forging alliances to get himself ahead and ensure he lasted another round.  As players spent money on the auction he determinedly waited for his chance to last longer in the game.
Seven votes were cast - four is all that was required to triumph who had managed to win the competition and triumph over all others?

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 17 - Originally Broadcast 14/12/2016
It was time for the 2016 Grand Final and the biggest question would be who would make it through to the jury vote.   Joe seeking to emulate his brother who won the grand final in 2015... Beth who exited the competition in 2015 thanks to a single vote when she had been dominating the competition and Jamesen, one of the two 2016 wildcards who still remained and whose play was unorthodox and unconventional however at times brilliant...

For the final challenge weather intervened causing a cancellation of the scheduled challenge.  In its place was a ultimate stacking challenge involving blocks.   The premise was simple, each contestant would take alternate turns to stack blocks, with one block being added in succession.  If the stack fell the contestants would have one minute to rebuild their stack and get back to where they needed too... Joe had never lost a challenge involving the blocks and dominated the competition every time they had come up.   Jamesen and Beth in two seasons had never won a single challenge - this would seem to give Joe a huge advantage - would it count? And what of the Super Immunity Idol? Its existence long rumoured however this was the final episode it could feature was there about to be a huge twist in the competition?

Episode Summary:
  The stakes couldn't have been higher and Beth rose to the challenge.   Jamesen went out at block eight but Bethany wouldn't be stopped.   She caused Joe to collapse his tower at block twelve and while he recovered once her steely determination caused him to tip again at thirteen this time he was unable to make the re-set and this gave Beth the final vote.

It was crunch time.  Everyone had promised everyone else final two and last years competition was won on this decision, when Caro mistakenly took Harry to the final two instead of Mackenna.  Beth had a huge decision to make, take on Joe, possibly the most popular player in the competition or Jamesen the wildcard.  She choose to eliminate Jamesen, taking on Joe in the grand final.

Although, that's not what happened.  What she didn't know and what Jamesen had been keeping quiet is that all along he held not only two immunity idols but also had found the super immunity idol within a day of the first clue appearing online.  This gave Jamesen the ultimate power as he now had the final vote of the competition.

Would he take Joe who had been one of his strongest rivals? Would he forgive Bethany for her betrayal? Jamesen had played the 'perfect' game to this point - was this the final piece of the puzzle has he stepped towards glory?  Jamesen wrote Beth down first, however this was a piece of theatre as he had decided to eliminate Joe and take on Beth in the final, and crossed out Beth's name before highlighting Joe and sending him to a third placed finished.  

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 16 - Originally Broadcast 13/12/2016
Durann was in a perilous position going into this episode - the Room One alliance had collapsed when Joe flipped against him and Astin and sided with Jamesen and Bethany.   Durann also had an advantage - purchased as part of the auction last episode.   The students had four cryptic clues to decipher - these would lead to four clues/questions hidden around the school which if answered correctly would allow the contestant to turn a tumbler - a combination of four correct numbers would unlock immunity in the hardest challenge up to this point...

Episode Summary: 
Duranns advantage in the episode gave him an important head start however it proved fleeting as he fell quickly behind in the challenge, which proved to be dominated by Joe.  Beth closed the gap but ultimately it was Joe who again gained individual immunity - crucially denying Durann a chance to continue in the competition.   The vote seemed straightforward but there was the question of either an immunity idol, for the final time as a regular idol could be played or the legendary 'super' immunity idol.  Durann had neither and followed Astin out of the game as the fourth placed finalists in a three to one vote situation.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 15 - Originally Broadcast 9/12/2016
It was auction time and for the surviving contestants a chance to buy something refreshing and take away the cares from the competition... oh no it wasnt - the final purchase was immunity and after spending all their money it was Jamesen who was in the dominant position - no-one could challenge his spending power and he gave himself the right to immunity.   What he did with it was surprising - in a twist to further confuse the players he gifted immunity to Bethany, and therefore left himself open to elimination.

In the vote the Room One alliance had stood tall but this was about to end. Jamesen and Beth received a vote each but Jamesen, Beth and then, in a shock move, Joe all voted against Astin meaning that his game came to an end.

TaranakiSurvivor15 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Immunity Idol: I am the last of my kind and this episode is the last chance to find me.  Start in the compass head towards the setting sun, walk up the stairs, enter the magic doors.  You are in the right location - why the answer is very close by.  Its all over soon so strike while you can...

Super Immunity Idol: Be the first or be the last time is ticking away.  I lie on the fifth shelf in an area at the small end of the school, behind a green door.  Slide away all your cares to find me revealed.  You must be the first player to locate me or all is lost.  If you are after the vote you will come back to life!

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 14 - Originally Broadcast 25/11/2016
In a shocking twist this challenge was filmed straight after the vote from the previous episode- this meant the teams had not chance to converse or plan who to vote for, who could be trusted? Would the group of students from Room One stick together again?

What of the immunity idols? Where are they? Has the super immunity idol, the fabled horse of power, been located? Someone is playing their cards close to their chest - will it be revealed this episode? Who is the person who is secretly hiding power waiting until the moment they strike? Someone is biding their time until a move is made - will it be too late? Has the moment passed or is the biggest blindside in the game just about to happen...  Someone is smiling - will it turn to a frown this episode?

Is another blind-side on the cards? Who would YOU trust? All these answers and some more are about to be answered in Episode 14 of the Greatest Classroom Blog Challenge of All time!

Episode Summary: Joe went first and scored an impressive individual immunity idol win, which he chose to keep to himself.   Try as they might every other Survivor couldn't match his achievements falling short and leaving him to claim the win.  As a result the biggest question seemed to be if one of the non Room One players, Regan, Beth or Jamesen had immunity and would they play it.  As it was Regan was the player who was targeted and having gifted an immunity idol to Jonte previously she didn't have protection and became the 15th player elminated.

Immunity Idol Clue: If you are looking literally you are mistaken, you need to be searching for me in a location you don't often go to.  I am held in a white box of many names.   Don't hesitate if you think if you have solved the clues make haste to Mr Webb and reveal the solution.
Super Immunity Idol: I am the greatest power of all and the hardest to fine but half of the school passes close by to me every day, the junior half.  I lie between things at the halfway point in a location that you may never have been allowed to.  The truth is there if you search hard, long and hard enough.  You must have support to look because its out of bounds.

TaranakiSurvivor14 from myles webb on Vimeo. Taranaki Survivor: Episode Thirteen
Released Online 22/11/2016
The first individual challenge of 2016 saw a 'Kahoot' quiz dating back to the first episode of competition the seven finalists needed to recall facts like the order people appeared in the opening sequence, who was eliminated in what order and a series of questions about the individual challenges.
The premise was simple - but had the players been watching closely? Could they recall facts about who they had voted out and those that had gone before them? Beth took an early lead in the competition, before Durann took a stranglehold on the competition and it was something he didn't let up.  He decided to keep immunity for himself and the vote appeared crucial - three players left from Room One, three players left from Room Three and the strongest remaining player from the 2015 season.

TaranakiSurvivorEp13 from myles webb on Vimeo.
The vote was a little complicated because nearly every previous episode had been dominated by idols and of course the fabled 'Super Idol' was somewhere giving one player the ability to come back from the dead - after the vote was cast! Joe received two early votes, Bethany one then followed four consecutive votes for Jonte who exited as the thirteenth player to leave the game.  This would seem to give the voting block of the Room One students a huge advantage in the race to the finals but there are more twists and turns to come!

This episode features a Kahoot and was an interactive challenge - the link to the Kahoot is here. (You need to search for the NZWaikato Taranaki Survivor 2016 Quiz)

Immunity Idol Clue: If I was an array then I would be 1 x 1.  I am halfway between Mr Webb and Mr Tai. You need to receive assistance to locate me so you have to be escorted when you solve the clues and know what to look for.
Super Immunity Idol:  I am the greatest power that there is - I am a steed of the greatest power and a friend from when it all started.  I have a mean of 6.5 and I lie behind kakariki kuaha.  You must search with assistance and repeat your find immediately but will you be the first - will you triumph? If you solve the clues and get to me first then you will almost be sure to take your seat at the final vote.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Twelve
Released Online 4/11/2016
It was officially announced just prior to going into this episode that this would be it - the last team challenge of the 2016 regular season before the final merge.  A huge potential obstacle to getting to the final seven was the last challenge - and someone despite their best efforts was about to fall short in the worst possible way.   Whero had finally won a challenge after six episodes, no less, just prior and in this challenge and were looking to extend this to momentum one last time.

In the challenge students had to throw blocks into a marked area where their teams mates waited with plastic cups to catch (directly) the blocks.  To make matters more difficult both teams took the field at the same time, causing direct conflict and confusion.  This game ended up neck and neck with one of the closest finishes of the entire 2016 season!

There was three occasions in the challenge once it had started that both teams drew level with each other.  In the end, some quick team work and decisive play from Kikorangi saw them triumph in the final team challenge, sending Whero the elimination vote one final time.

Kikorangi's final elimination vote in Episode Eleven had seen chaos created by immunity idols and mistrust, and the final Whero vote followed similar lines.    Jonte's second vote saw him targeted by Rico and Durann.    Astin, the final Whero member voted for Rico, in a move that was going to prove interesting.  While Jonte hadn't located an immunity idol and seemed destined for elimination Regan from Kikorangi had and 'gifted' it to Jonte, allowing him to survive and move into the final group.  That left Durann and Rico tied to a single vote each.   Both Astin and Jonte when offered the opportunity to switch their votes declined, meaning Rico and Durann had to go to an elimination challenge.  Rico appeared distraught having previously lost two - and appeared to accept defeat as Durann claimed the win.   This means the final team consists of Joe, Regan, Beth from the original Kikorangi Tribe, Astin and Durann from Whero and latecomers Jonte and Jamesen.  One of these is going to be the 2016 Grand Final Champion... 

Immunity Idol Clue: The 2015 winners Mr Bumble's victim. Located at a location out of reach requiring the assistance of a teacher in an area that you can get to with manners.  Look to the skies for your salvation.   

Redemption Idol:  The greatest treasure will allow you to ride to the end of the game, or give you a second chance to look to the end.   You are searching for something at the seat of knowledge, where pukapuka reside, and gold. Remember you must be the first to avoid being the last.  This will allow you to come back from the dead when your enemies will think that they have won and disposed of you.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Eleven
Released Online 27/10/2016

The merge had still not occurred although players thought it would be very close.   There had been a lot of player talk about the 'Whero' curse where they had been on a losing streak since Jorja's quitting of the game in episode seven - would this be the episode when they finally won a challenge?  As had been the case for the last few episodes the contestants knew the final merge would be occurring shortly.  Old alliances awaited friends reuniting - some of the most dangerous players in the game were still proving to be present in the game, and there was much maneuvering behind the scenes.  Someone was going to taste the pain of getting so close and falling at (nearly) the final hurdle... who would it be? Could Ebony, eliminated in two episodes ago be counted on to work for her team?
Episode Summary:
The dueling players were able to defeat each other leading to a final between Joe and Ebony (who was subbing in for an absent Astin).   Ebony was able to dominate the final handing Whero victory at last.   In the vote it was obvious that there was no unity in the new 'Kikorangi' two idols came into play and there was clear dissent.   Further complicating matters just prior to the vote Jamesen located an immunity idol and let everyone in his team (and the game) know that he had one.  While the original plan had been for Jamesen to exit his risky strategy paid off and caused chaos for his team.

Jordan targeted Jamesen, Jamesen thought Regan was out to get him and played and his idol.  Joe, Jordan and Regan all targeted Jordan, although tellingly Joe also played an idol.   When all the dust had settled and the votes came in, in the end Jordan had proven to be a victim of it all and he exited the game to become the third member of the jury.

Immunity Idol: Never has there been a more important time to seek protection.   I am disguised within something that is not real but if you look closely you will see that I am held in false branches.   You must act soon to save yourself.  You need to look high and low, low and high and high for the answer to be staring back at you - you are looking for something that has travelled from the other side of the world to be here... holding a flower...

Redemption Idol: While I am no more in the game the legendary steed is back. The greatest power in the game, safety from elimination and back after the vote is cast.   This is the hardest idol to locate but the power that you get is unbelievable.   I am not marked with a clue like the other idols if you think you have located me you need to bring me in for checking.  There are clues hidden with more information around the school - seek the clues out because if you find me the ultimate power is yours.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Ten
Released Online 24/10/2016

Both teams were eagerly awaiting the chance to make the final team - however there was another twist in this years competition, two new players, Jonte and Jamesen joined the game and then all players were randomly allocated a new team, by drawing from a container.

As there had only been Astin and Durann left from the original Whero team, this meant there would be a 5:5 split, with at least three new members joining their group and working towards the ultimate goal of getting to the final merge!  

Astin and Durann were joined in the new Whero team by Jonte, one of the new players and then
Siobhan and Rico from the old Kikorangi team.    The new Kikorangi consisted of Joe, Jamesen - who was a new player this season but had featured in the 2015 competition,  and then Beth, Regan and Jordan from the old Kikorangi team.

In the competition students had to complete a course balancing blocks on a 'fly swat' and then walk a course before depositing them before returning again.   Teams could place as many blocks as they wanted on their 'swats' but some players soon learnt that balancing the blocks and making it to the end of the course was a challenge in itself.  The new teams had only just starting working together and for someones game was about to fall short...

Episode Summary:
Both teams worked well and show excellent teamwork however the 'curse' of Whero occurred again, with Whero despite being a new team with three new players again failing to win.  Several players overloaded the swat causing the blocks to fall everywhere and then carried either a smaller number of blocks or in cases had to go right back to the start! While at the half way point there was a small lead for Kikorangi the margin of six in the final was deceptive - Whero again were not in the competition.

In the vote Astin was not present, the last player eliminated, Ebony taking his place for this competition - this meant the vote didn't appear to be  clear - although Siobhan felt she was going to be targeted by the boys in the team.

This fear proved well founded, for although Siobhan had managed to work well with Rico to this point (who infamously betrayed her last year and eliminated her at the first opportunity despite working extremely well with her up to that point) he again decided to eliminate her from the game and she became the second member of the 2016 jury.

Redemption Idol: I am now out in the open in the lair of the king of kings.  If you want to gain the power of immunity you need to go and see the boss if you dare! [This idol has now converted from redemption to a regular immunity idol].

Immunity Idol: If you seek out Gypsy and find out about her find from last year she can direct you to the correct place to seek safety... look for the spooky face and the burning eyes...

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Nine
Released Online 5/9/2016

Kikorangi have been dominating the competition recently, reducing Whero to only three members - can they regain the initiative or are they about to be on the brink of elimination. Ebony has played immunity idols in two consecutive episodes - will she do so again? Will another 'power-up' be played? Its time for big manoeuvres, key power plays and a last gasp attempt at making the final tribe. Who will succeed? Who will fail - all these questions are about to be answered in the greatest blogging competition of all time: TARANAKI SURVIVOR!

Please note: due to wind conditions during this challenge please be careful with the audio play back of this episode!

  Taranaki Survivor: Episode 9 from myles webb on Vimeo.

In this challenge the teams took alternate turns to knock down the markers belonging to the other tribe. Its nice and simple the first team to knock down ten markers belonging to the other team would claim immunity and avoid the dreaded 'vote off'.    Whero started with a vengeance dominating the challenge and taking a seemingly undefeatable lead, however despite numerous chances, five no less,  to claim a vital win, Whero could not finish the job - it all came down to a sudden death shot for Durann to force a tiebreaker.   Durann missed sending Whero to elimination again.

In the previous two episodes Ebony had survived by playing two idols to survive a double elimination and then to eliminate the 2015 Grand Final Winner Harry.   It would seem that she had to play an idol to avoid votes from Astin and Durann however she didn't locate one in time, sending her out of the game and making her the first member of the 2016 jury.

Immunity Idol: Search amongst the smallest ones that we have.  I lie not in a classroom but you can view me from outside and see where I lie.  You must talk with the owner to gain access to me.  Once you have me you must swallow your pride and make the spider appear.

Redemption Idol: The mysterious King that you search is no-longer with us but he will be back.  In the meantime you can see Mr Webb once you have unravelled the clues and he can help you with your attempt at gaining revenge or enter the game.   What more is there to say? You have all the information that you need, the timing is right and the time to strike is now - don't hesitate you will have immunity from the first vote once you're in the game.  

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Eight - released online 25/8/2016
The Tower of Doom... Exit the King
Whero and Kikorangi were fast approaching the merge where the two teams combine and form a single unit.  Both teams had friends and allies looking to make it through to the crucial next stage, the big question was would Whero, who were now down to four players be able to make it.

In this challenge the teams had to construct a tower that stood above all others - however they were completing the challenge at different times so were unaware of the others efforts.   Whero completed their challenge and Astin completed a 12 block tower.  Kikorangi were unaware of this however they have Jordan in their team who considers himself a master of stacking, and so it proved as he was able to construct a tower that consisted of 15 blocks and hold it until the time that was allocated was ended.

When it came to the vote the four members of Whero were concerned about a double elimination - which would nearly end their competition.  While one wasn't played, Ebony had a secret that she had been hiding, one of the immunity idols.   Astin, Harry and Durann all voted for Ebony - Ebony wasn't sure if she should play her idol, as she'd been told they were targetting someone else, however at the last possible moment she decided to guarantee her survival and protected herself.  This meant that her vote would be crucial as it was the only one that would count, and Harry received it, meaning the 2015 Champion was out of the game in a shocking development!

Immunity Idol: I am getting harder to find as the time ticks down.   The closer we come to the end the more valuable that I am.  You need to search for something that is out of place, that looks like it should be a scream.  There is a secret button which will reveal a spooky voice, glowing eyes and a spider.  If you dare claim the prize.  

Redemption Idol: To be the king or queen you need to address the King.   Talk to him and ask to borrow a book.  If the book does not reveal me ask to borrow another, that should set me free.  You then will posses the most powerful tool in the game.  Use this power wisely if not for you to create an ally that you can rely on.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Seven - released online 16/8/2016
Four Corners
In another first for Taranaki Survivor we had our first involuntary exit from the game, whereby the last eliminated player was given a reprieve - it turned out that fan favourite 'Rico' had another opportunity but unfortunately for Whero he was replacing Jorja.  Then followed this challenge - students raced to the four corners of Auroa Primary School to retrieve letters to a puzzle they then ran back to the shared starting point and had to unscramble the letters to form a seven or eight letter word.  The pressure was on and would be even more so when it was revealed that one of the players was concealing a power up - a double elimination which was played at the conclusion of the episode! This mean potentially that Whero would go from parity to be left with only four members!
The challenge was one that Kikorangi and in particular Joe dominated from the start. Whero in the first two rounds had to repeatedly send players back to the location of the letters to check their answers, giving Kikorangi and edge that they never let go of. While they were able to solve 'immunity' thanks to Ebony they were defeated in the other three rounds. Ebony located a temporary power up (immunity) in the challenge and Regan from Kikorangi revealed that she had the power up of double elimination and played it. Jayden was eliminated by three votes and Paige was the unlucky second player to leave the game, leaving only Harry, Astin, Durann and Ebony from the original Whero tribe.

Immunity Idol: Walk the path described below, at any time you choose.   Look closely for something that is out of place, something that appeared as a prop last year in the School Production for Room Three.  When you see it carefully remove it from its place, or ask for help.  It will help you avoid the chop.

Redemption Idol: Look over all the clues mentioned.  If you go to the throne room and the king is there talk kindly and respectfully to the king.  Ask him to go "hi" and remove some papyrus, there lies the treasure that you have been seeking.  Here is your chance for redemption. 

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Six - released online 9/6/2016
Cup Runneth Over - Just before the episode was shot there was a team switch - Astin had to change sides for the challenge.   The teams raced along a course carrying water to deliver it to a team mate who was waiting at the top of the course holding a bowl.  Also on the course were members of the other team throwing objects at the contestants trying to put them off.   The teams needed to work quickly and together to defeat the other as no-one wanted to go home.

Despite having some early setbacks Whero again began to dominate the challenge.  Kikorangi had players dropping water or spilling their cups into the bowl and had water tipping out through out the challenge! It came down to one final run which Whero again proved victorious.

During the vote Regan felt sure she was in trouble, and revealed herself as the person who had located the 'rope' immunity idol, which had been hidden inside the sink in Room Three.   She was unsure about playing the idol until the last minute when she did decide that she would - this protected her making all the three votes against her worthless.  Rico and Jordan received a vote each which this episode was enough to send them to a sudden death tie breaker.  In this Jordan's nerve held, Rico's didn't and the 'sneakiest player in the game' and one of the 2016 favourites appeared to be leaving the game...

Immunity Idol:
 I will appear only for a short space of time on Frigg's Day. I lie on the path that the little ones take to meet.  You must walk the path and pay attention to what that is not right.  When you find it take your prize and stay safe.

Redemption Idol: Make haste - people have been in the right location but the wrong place, and the wrong location but the right place.  I've had people walk right where I am but they have not realised that I was there.  I wanted to wave to them but I couldn't.  Any day now I think that I will be released.  I am not working but soon will be set free, my arm needs something to work and can't at the moment because of where I am.   Papa Romeo India November Charlie India Papa Alpha Lima.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Five - released online 30/5/2016
Safe Hands - The teams took turns to lob or kick a ball into a marked area.  The balls has to caught on the full, gaining one point for their team from close range or three for a long range shot.    Both teams were in the field at the same time looking to spoil the other teams attempts at teamwork.  Would Kikorangi manage to pull the episode score back to 2-3 or would Whero continue to dominate the competition and take a 4-1 lead.   Tense times as the merge approaches - there are players from both teams looking to make it through to join forces - however one persons dream of making it that far was about to end.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 5 from myles webb on Vimeo.
Episode Summary: Level pegging the episode was undone by poor decision making by Whero.  As Siobhan stepped up for Kikorangi and Whero started to kick their opportunity away.  This forced a 'miracle' play from Whero who needed a three point score in the last two rounds which proved beyond them.  The eliminated appeared that a major shock might be in progress with Harry receiving the first two votes, however from there another twist saw the remaining votes all head to Renee who exited the game as the fifth player to leave the competition.

Immunity Idol: I am thirty centimetres off the ground and lie behind a pair of cupboard doors.  When these are opened I am concealed further, however if you have read the clues and know what you are looking for then you should swiftly be able to locate me.  If you want to go further in the game you can count on me - it was Col. Mustard in the Conservatory but what did he use?

Redemption idol: Centre of courtyard: SW25p. Rotate ninety d.  Up three steps.  Enter doorway 3p. Walk forward 2p.   Rotate 270d.  5p.  Here lies the treasure you seek. You need to assemble all the clues mentioned to ensure that you are able to identify what you need to do next.  Remember you cannot complete this difficult task with out assistance.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Four - released online 22/5/2016
The Tower of Doom - the teams competed against each other to stack eight cubes and then place a ninth cube on the top to win the round.    While the task was simple nerves played a part with an added stipulation that the only players from the losing team who would vote would be those who won their round.   Kikorangi had managed to regain some momentum following their episode three win, another win now would see the game tied up 2-2, another Whero victory would see them take a 3:1 advantage.

Episode Summary:
 The competition was split until the final round.  Jayden and Natalie ended up in a dramatic finale with the outcome of their duel deciding who would win the round.  Jayden came back from unbelievable circumstances - having lost a block early he had to retrieve it from under the table while the game was still in progress, Natalie unable to take advantage of the situation.  In the end it cost her her place in the game and she was the fourth player voted out.

Immunity Idol: You have had clues to my location hidden at every challenge.   You need to put everything together right back from the start and look where you just were.  In doing so when you find the object that has been mentioned you need to take it and exchange it for what you seek.  Don't hesitate to look as I am held behind doors and hidden off to the side.

Redemption Idol: Head South-West from the starting point at the compass.  Travel twenty paces and then climb and elevation.  You need to then enter inside and you are close to your goal - go back and look at all the clues for what you need to do next.  Who betrayed you in the past may not be expecting your return so quick.  Take heed that you chance will not come around again so easily.  You will be immune from the first vote when you return to the game, after that you are on your own again.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Three - released online 12/5/2016

The First and the Last - who alphabetically had the surname would be ranked 'first' at Auroa Primary School and who had the name that would appear 'last'.  The teams had to wonder about this question and then identify who these students were - points would be deducted for who was guessed away from the ultimate answer (Baker-Coleman/Woodmass)...
Taranaki Survivor Episode 3 from myles webb on Vimeo.

While both teams made a decision and Kikorangi were looking to stop a two game losing streak - it was Whero who handed them the game by making a huge mistake - replacing a student whose surname started with 'b' with one starting with 'c'.  Elimination proved that the team was divided with multiple students targeted; however Aroha's name was written down three times and that was enough for her game to end making her the third player eliminated from the 2016 competition.

Immunity Idol Clue: Three strikes and you're out if you don't locate me soon.  I am inside a building in a place that could be familiar.  You must make sure what you are looking for from previous clues and think outside the box.  All the clues are there but you need to look for phrases that don't fit or look like they don't make sense. 

Redemption Idol Clue: I lie beyond your reach, out of bounds in a location of the highest power.  You cannot see me or search for me so where does the solution to the riddle lie? You must use charm and guile to gain your chance to get back into the competition.  Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei.

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Two - Broadcast Released 5/5/2016
The second episode of the 2016 season of the greatest online student blogging competition of all time.  Two teams of nine students competing in an epic competition against each other where one will be the ultimate survivor and defeat all others to claim the title of greatest survivor!

After last weeks shock elimination of the 2015 Runner Up Caro no-one felt safe moving into the challenge.   Whero and Kikorangi had to battle against each other by showing teamwork.  They had five hoops and four chairs and had to be the first to complete a course gaining themselves the immunity donkey.  Anyone who stepped out of the course and touched the ground would cause their team to receive a one minute penalty - while its still early days in the competition last weeks episode proved the no-one is safe: whose team work will lead them to victory? who would work together better as a team? would an immunity idol be played? whose game would come to an end and be the second player eliminated from the competition?
Survivor2016Ep2 from myles webb on Vimeo.

All these questions will be answered in the second episode of Taranaki Survivor - the greatest classroom blogging competition of all time! Taranaki Survivor 2016 - Episode One. Broadcast 

Summary:  Kikorangi worked as a team however their pace was much slower than Whero and while the mistakes were a minimum for both teams in the end the speed was the difference with Whero taking the win.  In the vote Ashley had played well as part of the team and voted for her team in episode one but it wasn't enough and she was the second person to leave the game.

Immunity Idol Clue: Start from the compass point in the middle.  You need to travel South East for thirty paces.  You are now at the correct location and must look around where you have ended up.  Hunt high and hunt low, hunt in and out and make haste time is running short like a ticking clock.

Redemption Idol Clue: You are looking to unlock me from where I am hiding.  I lie two metres above the ground at a ninety degree angle.  You cannot access me without help from the person where I am located and they may not be available.  Use your manners, use your wits and your chance to come back will be made available...

The two teams faced each other for the first challenge of the 2016 competition with a huge prize at stake: no-one wanted the dubious distinction of being the first player eliminated.   The challenge was '4-3-2... Gone...'

Four players had to carry block over a short course balancing them on their hand.  Once 20 blocks had been collected their were three students waiting to shoot a hoop, with two additional hoops required for the team to move to the final challenge, where two team members had to race to solve a puzzle that related to the competition.

The competition was even from the start until Whero players made the decision to run three blocks at a time over the course.   Despite clear pressure to pick the speed up the Kikorangi players persisted on taking single blocks, giving Whero a significant lead.

In the second stage Whero maintained their lead which continued through to the problem solving.  Durann and Harry had a sizeable lead which they didn't give up winning the challenge and sending Kikorangi to the first elimination of 2016.

How would the team vote? There were four players from the 2016 season - would last years competition dictate how the vote would go? In the end it was a surprise elimination that meant one of the key contenders wouldn't get another chance and whose game would be over before it even began... Caro who had managed to go through the entire season without being eliminated and was perhaps the strongest player in the 2015 season... however her game ended with a 5-2-1 vote.  Given however the existence of 'redemption' idols and the fact that no-one in the history of the game has scored more wins or found more idols no-one would think that we've seen the last of her...

Survivor 2016 - Episode One from myles webb on Vimeo.

Summary:  In what can only be described as a huge shock the first eliminated player was one of the finalists from 2015! Caro had been undefeated through twenty episodes of the 2015 season, won more challenges than anyone, found more immunity idols and her game ended in the first round.  

Immunity Idol Clue: You need to go back to the future to locate where I am.   Think about where it all began.  Remember what you are looking for and you should be able to locate it if you are prepared to persevere and think outside the square.

Redemption Idol Clue: Desperate to get back into the game? Feel that you haven't been given the proper chance then you need to locate an old friend who is waiting to be set free.   You must search in the place of highest power.  Misera fortuna, qui caret inimico.   

Taranaki Survivor: 2016
The 2016 Season of Taranaki Survivor is upon us.  We have the 2015 Taranaki Survivor Season removed and placed in storage.  You can click on the link to it here.  This is the official promo for the 2016 season confirming the players and which teams they have been placed into.  The first set of immunity idols are in place - if you locate one you must notify Mr Webb of your find to claim your reward.  As with previous years there are multiple idols, clearly marked, hidden in different locations.  You must not search in out of bounds areas or in places that are not safe.  If you believe you are on the right track and want to check please see Mr Webb.

Survivor Intro x from myles webb on Vimeo.

Immunity Idol Clue: You are searching for an 'old friend' that featured in the first challenge in the 2015 series.  This 'prop' is hidden closely to where the first challenge will take place.  During the challenge you will need to abandon your team and search for it, there will be clues to its location under items that your challenge is taking place on.  Beware if you choose to abandon your team it will hamper your task.  If you find it, exchange it with your safety icon and your place in the game will last at least one more week...   


  1. Bonne chance pour vos futures aventures. Nous attendons avec impatience vos prochaines vidéos.
    We are excited to discover your first challenge. We admire the professional quality of your videos. Congratulations to Mr Bloor and the students of Room Three.

    Les élèves du CM2 de Brindas, France

  2. We are a year 6 class in Hong Kong which follow your blog closely. We are really enjoying the Taranaki Survivor challenges. The boys in the class are big Rico fans!

    1. I will let Rico know - he'll be well pleased to know that he has a fan base in Hong Kong.

  3. This is a very cool challenge!

  4. That was very fun watching! I want to be in your group. I have one question when are you able to do this?