Thursday, 20 March 2014

Auroa Primary parcel from Russia

We've had some amazing collaborations so far this year with some wonderful classrooms around the world.  On Wednesday afternoon we were excited to see that a package had arrived for our class all the way from Russia, from the students from 'Learning Fun in the Classroom' and their wonderful teacher Lyudmila Golubeva

Earlier in the year we'd sent a package to the students from Auroa, Taranaki, New Zealand to Siberia, Russia.  Just last week we received a package from our friends at 'If Only the Best Birds Sang in Ireland'.  Our students didn't know much about Siberia but there was so much wonderful gifts and information in there that we feel that we have learnt more already.  An amazing gift from a fantastic educator and a great school.  Many, many thanks.


  1. Kia Ora ,

    It seems Misha (a toy bear) really likes New Zealand :))) Hope he will make a lot of friends.

    Mrs Golubeva and students,
    Kansk, Russia

  2. Hello, this looks really interesting! It would have been really cool to open a package from another place. This was written really well. What did you put in their package?


  3. Hi my name is Courtney I’m a year 8 student I go to Awahono school in the South Island.
    It is so cool that you received that parcel, it would be very exciting to get something from Russia. I like how you showed the parcel and then the things it contained.