Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Room Three's Week Five Slideshow in Class

New Zealand compared to England

Drip... Drip... Clang!

Drip… Drop… Clang!
Drip drop, it sounded like a little mouse in the gutter.
Ding, a little light in the lounge lit up.

Mum put our couch in front of the sliding door in case it broke.

Slam!, slam!, slam!, Mum's tunnel house door kept on slamming
and a bar in the tunnel house was bent, and at the back window broke
as well as a fence.

While the Storm was going, and we had no power, my siblings and I
made some fun activities in the garage, Smoke from the barbeque rose
to the roof and out the door. My siblings and I ran around outside
like animals!

Flying carpet! The wind blew up air into the carpet it looked funny!

When the storm stopped we drove to Feltham, Big tree roots came
out. My Uncle has 6 big sheds and the doors broke, all of them did
Uncle get disappointed.

By Sophie

Cyclone Gita Recount

Cyclone Crazy

My hair was blowing everywhere we were slowly walking to the house , I didn’t speak at all as it was so windy.

“Wow!” I said as we stepped through the door. Grandad looked at the window and grabbed the phone soon my whole family ( my uncle and aunty ,my parents and my cousin) had arrived and were pushing down the tree outside. Apparently the tree could blow onto Grandad’s house. After that we had dinner with Sonya and her Husband .

Then all of a sudden, I heard a shout “ Guys come look!” It was Mario , he was pointing out the window at something. I pushed through the Adults and saw the Palm Kernel trailer rolling through the paddock. Dad rushed outside and drove them out. Nervous that they were going to knock out a Cow!

After dinner Me and Mario were in bed while Dad was outside pushing a tree off the road and Mum was outside with the hazard lights. It was definitely Cyclone Crazy!

The Black Out

The Blackout

Suddenly the lights started to flicker and the room went dark. Dad  got the candles mum
got the matches and Luke and I got the torches. Once every room in the house was full
of light, we noticed that the bobby shed was being blown across the paddock, the roof
had been blown off and the same with the sides.

“ What would you like to have for dinner there's eggs eggs and more eggs.” Said mum and
we all went with eggs. While we were having dinner we could hear the wind howling and it
was banging on the windows. Bang one of our stools hit the bricks outside, so dad ran
outside and moved the stools away from the window, so it won't get blown into the window!

At about 6am the power came back on. Once we had our breakfast Luke and I got on our
bikes and rode down to the cowshed, but we had to stop because a big tree had fallen
down, so we turned around and went to see how badly damaged the bobby shed was,
but it was gone. But later on we found out that Dad had took it away with the tractor,
never to be seen again.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Pousson Slideshow 2018

 The mascot pictured in this Slideshow is Pousson which was a gift for us from our dear friends from CM2 Brindas School in France.   Mia, Ava, Jayden and Ihaka took the mascot and carried it around Auroa Primary School, the brief was to take photographs in a series of interesting locations.

Auroa Primary School: Donkey's back for 2018

We're back for 2018! Our classroom has had a shift of location - we're now Room Six at Auroa Primary School, as Mr Webb has changed classroom and we have a new group of amazing Y5/6 students who are so excited about all the amazing things that are happening this year. We would love to hear from you and your classroom this year. You can contact us by leaving us a comment on one of our posts or by emailing our teacher at mwebb@auroa.school.nz. Have a great year everyone! This slideshow features our classroom mascot 'Donkey' a group of Room Six students, Lauren, Mya, Hannah, Siobhan, Theresa and Cahill took the Donkey around Auroa Primary School and took a series of intersting and creative photographs using the 'Donkey' as a prop.