Sunday, 2 March 2014

Matapu School: Visiting our nearest neighbours.

One of the closet schools to Auroa School here in Taranaki is our neighbours at Matapu School.  They will be present later this week when we both travel to Kaponga for Inter School Athletics.   They've got class blogs set up school wide.  Our class commenting task this week is to visit our friends at Matapu School and comment on one of their class pages.

Although we may know some of the students through sports or other activities the commenting rules for  students of Auroa Primary School still apply and are more important than ever.   You can find the blogs of the classrooms hyperlinked below.  The choice of the post is up to you.

Room One: Y7/8
Room Two: Y5/6
Room Three Y3/4

You can also visit the Matapu School Blog by clicking on the link here, some of the junior school pages are listed at the bottom of the class page list.

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  1. Hi Mr Webb and Room 1 of Auroa School, what an amazing first half of the term you all have had. You have a very impressive class blog, I especially liked the balloon car that you're developing and the explanation of the different uses of the Dell was very informative.

    I just wanted to say a big thanks for the positive comments that the students from Auroa made on our class blog. You really spurred us all on and showed us that there is a wide audience on the web for the cool things we get up to in and out of our classroom.

    We look forward to following your class blog and catching up with you at the upcoming athletics and triathlon events.