Monday, 19 December 2016

Goodbye from Room Three

School has finished for 2016 in New Zealand so its goodbye from the students in Room Three for another year.  

We will be back from January 31st.  If you need to contact our teacher in the meantime you can do so by emailing him on  

Have a great break, have a fantastic holiday and we look forward to hearing from you in the new year.

Friday, 16 December 2016

2016 Taranaki Survivor: Grand Final Vote

And so it ends... the final installment of Taranaki Survivor.  In the previous episode Bethany won final immunity and choose to eliminate Jamesen, however there was the issue of the super-immunity idol - if it had been found, and if Jamesen had located it first then not only would he revive himself it would be Jamesen who would determine who would make the final...

Jamesen had found the super immunity idol - just before Joe did and after Bethany double crossed him he choose in a difficult decision to take Bethany to the final two with him.

All that remained was the jury vote - this year it was a seven member jury who voted one after another.  Four votes would secure the 2016 Taranaki Survivor Title and the Grand Prize!

Who would win? Bethany was unfortunate to exit the 2015 competition after a immunity idol vote - was this her chance to claim a overdue victory? She'd been involved in some key blindsides and double crosses to make her way to the final, and was the final female competitor surviving in competition since way back in episode ten!, She had friends on the jury, would those that she targeted forgive her? Would she be able to continue the momentum and had Jamesen made a huge mistake in choosing her for the final?

What of Jamesen - the MVP of this years competition, no-one was actively working behind the scenes to locate immunity idols and protection, including one stage where Jamesen had located the Super Immunity idol and had two other idols in his possession! Jamesen had a hand in the destruction of the Room One alliance but also claimed ownership of immunity and other power ups and advantages, some of which were based on fact and some of which were brilliant acting.  Would the jury recognise his unorthodox and strategic play?

There's only one winner in the greatest internet student blogging competition of all time and the only way you can find out this years result is by watching the video!

SurvivorVotes2016 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Taranaki Survivor: 2016 Grand Final!

It all comes down to this - after a year of competition, twenty students competing against each other first in two rival teams and then as one group.   Eliminating each other one by one, with twists and turns aplenty.   Today - the Grand Final with the last three competitors, Beth and Joe from the original Kikorangi tribe and the wildcard - Jamesen... one competitor was about to triumph and advance to the finals, then they would have a crucial decision to make, who would they take with them?

Whose game would continue and who would suffer the agony of coming as close as possible without having a chance of winning...

Due to weather conditions this challenge was an ultimate block stacking challenge - Joe has never been defeated and was going against two competitors who had never won challenges with blocks - surely a great advantage? While there were not any more immunity idols around there was one last piece of the puzzle lurking around - the Super Immunity Idol could come into play following the final vote.  Had it been located? Did someone hold ultimate power going into the final challenge... all sorts of claims and rumours had been made - now was the last chance to put up or exit the game...

This is the final challenge ever for Taranaki Survivor and someone was about to go out with a bang.  In two years of competition there have been some unbelievable finishes, and its not an exaggeration to say that this was the most amazing of all - with a huge final twist that would have a massive bearing on the 2016 competition!  All will be revealed before the huge Friday Grand Final Vote!

Whose made it through to the final? Who will the jury have a choice between? Whose sought redemption and whose come up short, the answers to these pressing questions lie in the video below the 2016 Grand Final for Taranaki Surivivor!

TaranakiSurvivorEp17 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 16

The final is but three days away - however the final four had one more adventure before three would be able to continue on. The greatest classroom blogging competition is about to end, never, ever to be repeated! 

Last episode saw a shock double cross when Joe sided with Bethany and Jamesen to eliminate Astin - who would follow next? Durann had an advantage purchased at the auction - would it help him triumph? Would the new power trio stick together or was another flip on the cards?

This was the last episode that a regular immunity idol could be played before the final, has someone got a trick up their sleeve? The Super-Immunity idol has had numerous clues to its whereabouts was someone about to come back from the depths of despair? Who is going to fail to make it into the grand final? Whose competition is about to come tumbling down?

Nothing is as it seems when it comes to this season - and yet all the answers will soon be obvious! Once this episode has been published the final three will be revealed - who has made it to the last hurdle?

Survivor16 from myles webb on Vimeo.

In this episode the contestants had the hardest challenge yet - four cryptic clues that led to four locations around Auroa School - there was a further question at each of the four locations, this question when answered right gave the students a combination to a padlock - four correct answers would unlock the change and then guarantee that contestant the right of immunity... someone was about to unlock their way to the final three and someone was going home...

Who will make up this years grand final?

Bethany - one of the strongest players last year looking to make it to the final after suffering the disappointment of an immunity idol play and exiting last year with a single vote...
Joe - the last senior school student left, brother to the grand final winner from last year - is he about to step out of the shadows from Harry's 2015 triumph?
Jamesen - the wildcard - perhaps the most underestimated player in the game, mixing brilliant game play with breath taking risk taking, not many would have predicted that he would be waiting in the wings and looking towards making his first grand final...
Durann - the final player left from the original 'Whero' tribe - is his time finally up?

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 15

Ending this coming week, in the last week of School in New Zealand is the episodic blogging competition that we have been running this year since April, our take on the Survivor competition.

This week players had an auction where they were given 500 Taranaki Survivor Dollars and able to purchase a range of drinks, food and confectionary.  However there were some items that were unusual - Durann brought an advantage in the next immunity challenge, Joe purchase a significant clue to the location of the Super-Immunity Idol, and last but certainly not least, Jamesen waited until the end and the final item which he purchased was immunity for this round!

This threw everyone into a panic as Jamesen was the 'next in line' expected to leave the game and now he wasn't going anywhere... or was he? Strange things were afoot because the Room One alliance was showing signs of cracking - would the walls come tumbling down?

In a move then based on either a master plan or misplaced bravery Jamesen said he would give immunity away to another player! Was this the massive play that was about to turn the game on its head? Will another immunity idol come into play? Where was the regular immunity idol that everyone is searching for? Who has located the 'super idol' and what is it?

A shocking episode of dramatic proportions that saw one of the final five players exit in unbelievable circumstances - whose game was about to come crashing to an end? All these shocking questions are about to answered in episode fifteen of the greatest classroom blogging internet competition of all time!


TaranakiSurvivor15 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Taranaki Survivor: 2016 - Seven Days to Go...

The greatest online blogging students competition of all time has only seven days left to run...

In the next week there will be three more episodes culminating in the grand final next week.  

There are currently only five contestants remaining, two each from the original Whero tribe Durann and Astin, two from the original Kikorangi Joe and Bethany and the wildcard - Jamesen.

During the next week four of these players have to fall - three to elimination and one will come as near as possible without being able to win the final vote... many questions still remain unanswered... where are the missing immunity idols? Will the 'alliance' of Room One students remain in place? Has the fabled 'Super' Immunity Idol been located? What blindsides are still to come? Someone is poised for a major move - have they left their run too late? Who is the person who is lurking in the background with a huge amount of power - coiled ready to strike? 

It would appear that the remaining route to the final is straight forward and that means nothing is ever as it seems in Taranaki Survivor! There are twists and turns aplenty just around the corner...

Can Jamesen the wildcard pull off the greatest triumph of all? Can Joe emulate his brother and win the grand final? Beth is the only Girl left in the competition and last year left after receiving only a single vote - can she pull off a major reversal of fortune? Both Astin and Durann were part of the 'Whero' team that lost six episode challenges in a row are they about to pull back a victory of epic proportions? 

In the end only one player from the remaining five can ultimately triumph and join the elite of challenges who have defeated all comers and are the sole survivors... and in seven days all will be revealed...

Note: the entire 2016 series can be located in the tab above on the header for this blog - every episode in detail

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Science: Project Hotspot

Room Three have been very lucky to be involved in Term Four with a program run by the Taranaki District Council, Project Hotspot.  This is an amazing resource that allows the people of South Taranaki including our students, to record sightings of endangered species from our area.   You can click on the link to the project here.

All of our work for this amazing project can be located from the 'Project Hotspot' tab on this blog.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Year 6 and 7 Camp 2016

Waterslide@APS 2016

Waterslide2016 - Kizoa Movie - Video - Slideshow Maker

To celebrate the end of the school year - which finishes in two weeks the student council at Auroa Primary School used the money that they had fundraised during the year to put on a special event for the students - a Tsunami Waterslide! The students were able to spend time during the day riding on this wonderful action pack ride.  Photos by Jackson M and Cory from Room Three.