Friday 31 July 2015

Maori Language Week 2015

 This week it is Maori language week.This video is a Maori hand game called Peke we learnt it in Kapa Haka last year.  We explain how to play in the video.  Check out Caro's blog or Bethany's or Jorja's

This week for Maori Language Week. Mackenna,Ashton and Catherine put a video togther to teach people how to say the emotions in Maori.  We show how to say the emotions in English and Maori.

APS Senior Blog Post of the Week: Caro

We've had another winner for Auroa Primary School from Room Three - and you have to check out this amazing post.  Caro from Room Three has been doing a fantastic job with her blogging this year and she's being publishing recently some of her own work that has been of an extremely high standard.

Her 'The Farming Lifestyle' video is a overview of a major event that is occurring in our area at the moment - calving.    She's taken a series of photos and video that details what is occurring on her families farm at the moment - if you haven't visited her page (and she's about to pass the 8k page view marks!) and seen her video you really need to do so by clicking on the link here.

Tuesday 28 July 2015

Is this 8C Selwyn House? R3 Thinks it could be...

Thank you very much for all of you who have responded already for our 'Room With A View' building task for this year.   We've already completed a draft of Mrs Ladd's Class from the United States of America, which you can see below this post.  We also wanted to acknowledge the fantastic detailed feedback that we received from our friends in 8C Selwyn House.  You can follow the link to this post which features comments from the Girls here.

Our Maths groups then took the time to create a two dimensional map based on the information provided from the students of Selwyn House.   We had some great learning discussions about it and there was some disagreements about what was correct but the job was completed in the end.

Is it correct? Is this a drawing to scale? What features need to be changed?

Then once we had the two dimensional model of Selwyn House completed we converted it from a two dimensional model to a three dimensional model.  We did this by adding blocks to create an affect.  Our next task is to talk to students who are in the classroom and determine whether or not it is accurate - if we need to change anything we can do so now.   We have used blocks for this so that then can easily be shifted and adapted.

How accurate does this look? How do we need to alter it before we create a 3D model? Does the information provided need to be clarified?

Thursday 23 July 2015

RWAV: 3D Minecraft Model of Mrs Ladds' Classroom

Thanks so much for your responses - Mrs Ladd a friend of Room Three's from North Carolina responded to our request for information about her classroom to Room Three, in New Zealand, the same day! We were thrilled with her amazing response which allowed the first group from Room Three to start to put together her classroom from her instructions. We had a lot of discussion about the phrase "the desks run together" and Mrs Ladd, being from the USA had all her measurements in feed, so we had to convert it to metric. We created a two dimensional plan, a birds eye view based on her instructions (although there were five created maps everything was slightly different!), then we used blocks to convert it to a basic 3D model and then build her classroom in Minecraft. This Google Presentation created by the students from Mackenna's Maths Group - they have yet to finish the project as they have some editing and tidying up to do. Thanks so much for all the responses that we've received from around the world, we're looking forward to producing models of your classrooms!

Photograph Challenge - Term 3: 2015

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Can you please help us? 'Room with a View 2015'

Auroa Primary Schools Senior Block: as modelled in Minecraft
Today in class is the second day back from Term Three for 2015.  Our students have just started one of our learning projects for Mathematics as part of Geometry.

We are looking at mapping to scale, with a few directions thrown in for good measure.  As part of this task we are producing a birds-eye-view map of our classroom.

This is all very standard but to make the task a little challenging we are building our own classroom to scale in Minecraft.   Where we are looking to take it to the next level is to create a scale map of your classroom - a place we've probably never been too.

When we are looking for your co-operation is with the details of your classroom.

R3 Interior
If students from Room Three can contact you and email or leave a comment on your class blog that would be amazing.   We have some specific questions that we are looking at using to build our maps and our virtual maps - if you could help either leave a comment here or email Mr Webb (  Once we've done that our students will start processing the information and creating two dimensional and then three dimensional models of your classroom and we'll see how close that we can get.

This is going to allow us to test our knowledge of Geometry, look at our questioning, allow us to think critically and of course relate to others.

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere and your students are on a break you can still help! Thank you all so much in advance, we really appreciate the opportunity to collaborate!

Sunday 12 July 2015

APS School Holiday Student Blogging!

Bethanys Blog: Visiting Sky Tower
While its the second week of the New Zealand School Holidays between Term Two and Three that hasn't stopped nearly half of Room Three's students blogging in the holidays.  You can see the full list of posts on the right hand side of the tool bar, but there are some amazing posts that we wanted to highlight.

Bethany's been on holiday in Auckland and visited the iconic Auckland Sky Tower.  You can see her standing on a sheet of glass on this fantastic post on her wonderful blog by clicking here.

Caros Blog: Mount Taranaki
Caro has been in the snow on Mount Taranaki - you can read about the details of the experience that she's had by clicking on her fantastic blog here.  

Thanks so much for your visit.  Our students will return to school on the week starting Monday 20th of July for Term Three of 2015.  We look forward to connecting with our regular visitors and classrooms then.

Katelyn has been in Rotorua having some fantastic adventures on her holidays.  If you would like to find out all about what she has been up to and read her fantastic recount about her adventures you can click on the link here.

Sunday 5 July 2015

Term Two - All Wrapped Up!

Thank you for the visit to our class page.

We are currently on the first week of our two week school holidays between the second and third term in New Zealand. Some of the students of Room Three have already starting blogging postings in the holidays.

You can see their posts on the right hand side. 

We look forward to hearing from you and replying to your comments in two weeks time.

The picture on this post shows Mr Webb's car, all wrapped up for the holidays. Special thanks to Mr Symes, Mr Fox and the other members of the Auroa Primary School PTA who were responsible for wrapping his car!

Thursday 2 July 2015

Robotics 2015 Highlights Video

Kaiah from Room One has produced this fantastic video with highlights from the 2015 Robotics Finals at Wanganui Intermediate held on last Saturday.

Crowley Cup Highlights from Final 30/6/2015

Bethany from Room Three created these awesome highlights about the Crowley Cup Final played against St Josephs Opunake on Tuesday. In an amazing game St Josephs (Green) defeated Auroa (Purple with Orange). Bethany took several hundred Photographs during this game and as a result created this slideshow with these spectacular images. You can click on the link to her blog here.

Wednesday 1 July 2015

The Crafters - Amazing Minecraft Student Site

We have had some fantastic feedback on our student blogs recently - it might be the holidays for all our friends in the Northern Hemisphere; but its wonderful for our students to have great quality feedback because we are still blogging and working.

Caro is just about to overtake Bethany (we think) and have the most popular student blog at Auroa Primary School, and recently she started posting about some of her Minecraft work. 

When she did she received some feedback from some amazing students and friends of ours at Selwyn House in Christchurch - that led us to 'discover' (if a site that has had nearly 10,000 pageviews is a new site) the students collaborative Minecraft Site 'The Crafters' our students were thrilled to find the site and loved the contents and the details.

You have to check out this site if you are a fan of Minecraft and students work - its an incredible site and we're big fans - amazing Selwyn House. The amazing link is here.

Crowley Cup Final Game Highlights 30/6/2015

Crowley Cup 30/6/2015 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.