Sunday 3 December 2017

Worser Bay Primary School Play and Poem Night

One of the highlights of our year has been the collaboration with Worser Bay Primary School, our students have been in regular contact with their class over Skype connecting with reading and sharing details of school events and what has been happening at each other schools.

Worser Bay Primary School are located in Wellington, in a city, Auroa Primary School is located in South Taranaki in country side so we have discovered that there are lots of differences between ourselves and them - based around where we are and how that we live!

We created some Haiku, Japanese Poetry, themed about Auroa Primary School.   Our friends from Worser Bay Primary School shared these with their community on their special 'Poem and Play Extravaganza! on Thursday night at their school.  You can see footage of this amazing night on their fantastic class blog here!