Monday, 31 March 2014

Minecraft: 3D Modelling of Classrooms.

Stage Two: Minecraft Modelling in the Classroom.
We've contacted, or been contacted by schools in Christchurch, New Zealand, the West Coast of the South Island.   We had classes in the USA contact us and have a look at this fantastic post which is a collaboration with Mrs Essenburgs Class from Michigan, USA.    As a result of this Brylee and Heavenlee created this grid map of the classroom.  Tomorrow we're going to start investigating how accurate it is and which refinements need to be made.

We Skyped in two classes today with more to come.  Previously each of our groups had recorded information that we needed and details that would allow us to ultimately build a three dimensional model of another classroom around the world using Minecraft.

Were our questions and our preparation correct? We are going to be reflecting on this during Mathematics tomorrow.  What information didn't we receive from the classrooms? How accurate are the maps that we have created? What needs to be refined?

This is the map that Brylee and Heavenlee created as a result of the fantastic information that was provided from Mrs Essenburg and her students.  How accurate is this?

The other classrooms that we have spoken to are our #QuadbloggingAotearoa buddies: Selwyn House and Awahono School.  We spoke to Selwyn House first and we hadn't even thought about a point of orientation! When the students started to talking to us and mentioned the compass points its threw us a little, however our groups continued to gain information and two were produced that are possible grid maps of the Selwyn House Classroom, by Kaiah and Tahana.  There work is here - again we are going to be contacting these schools and classrooms and checking our information and details.

 We believe that this, on the information supplied is a two dimensional model  of 8c, Selwyn House from Christchurch - but we also believe that this is correct.  The problem is there is already some significant variation starting to appear and we've only just started the process.  Stay tuned.


  1. Hi Im Karim and I am wondering how you plan and make your videos and what system do you use? Because at the moment we are making videos at our school and I am trying to wonder how you make them and how long does it take you?

  2. Hi I'm George from Awahono school and I have a question to ask you
    How did you get people from America, Russia, and all those other country to visit your blog?

  3. Hi Jordy here. What do you use to make your movies? If you use imovie please read on. I have one question, do you know any good youtube videos that could help us learn how to make an imovie or any tips to help us??

  4. Hello Mr. Webb's class! We dropped in for a few minutes this morning from our second period class in Austin, Texas, but we couldn't visit many posts. We have been quite busy preparing for our three days of state-wide testing in writing (two days) and math (one day). In a few weeks there will be a test in reading. Every seventh grader in Texas will spend four hours on Tuesday, four hours on Wednesday, and four hours on Thursday writing essay tests and taking the math test.

    Do you have standardized testing in New Zealand? What subjects are you tested in, and do your tests last half a day like ours?

    It looks like you have so much FUN with your 3D printing projects, swimming relays, and other events. We'll get back to having fun again very soon, but for this week, we're heads down and working on tests...our second and third period English class doesn't even meet again until Friday.

    Wish us luck with our exams!

    Mrs. Kriese's 2nd and 3rd period classes in Austin, Texas, USA

  5. Hi Jordy here, again :P I think that it is awesome that you are making minecraft houses of classes its very creative :)

  6. Dear Brylee and Heavenlee,

    First of all, apologies for not getting back to you sooner! We have just returned from our Spring Break, so we have been out of school. We all looked at the model you made of our classroom and everyone agreed you did a great job just going from a few pictures. Well done! I don't know how far you are in the project now seeing as we're late getting back to you, but the only thing my students noticed is that the teacher's desk is not in the front of the room but in the corner opposite the door. That's pretty amazing, that there was only one minor difference.

    My students are quite envious of your project, by the way. What a wonderful math project!

    Mrs. Essenburg's Class
    Michigan, USA