Thursday 13 March 2014

Package from Ireland to Auroa Primary School

Earlier this year to start off the school year Mr Webb, Room Ones teacher sent some packages to different countries around the world.   One of which was sent to our friends at "If Only the Best Birds Sang' in County Wicklow, Ireland.   Yesterday much excitement was had in class when students discovered that we'd received a package back! 

We brainstormed about Ireland and found out that some of our students knew a little about the country. We have about ten students in the class out of thirty who have Irish ancestors   We knew that Brian O'Driscoll was about to play his last test match for Ireland.   We weren't sure about the size of Ireland compared to New Zealand but we did some investigations and found that they are quite similar.

We also opened the package and loved what we found inside.  Part of our classroom is having a display about Ireland built by the students, and we will post about that when we finish it, which will be in time for St Patricks day here in New Zealand.

We'd like to thank the teachers and students from our very favourite Irish blog, If Only the Best Birds Sang for their incredible gift and if you've not visited their site we strongly suggest that you do.

Ireland2014 - Video Maker


  1. Dear Room One, Thank you for all the lovely comments you left on our blog 'If Only The Best Birds Sang'. We NEVER got so many messages in one day!

    We are relieved that you received the package. It was larger than the average envelope, so we sellotaped it to make sure it didn't get damaged during the journey. Later we wondered did you find it hard to open it with all the sellotape.

    We are also very happy that you received it before 17th March, which is St. Patrick's Day. He is our national saint and it will be a national holiday. No school for us next Monday. Instead many of the children will walk in parades. They will represent groups they belong to, like the football club, the rugby club or the scouts.

    We really enjoyed the slideshow. Imagine Larry the Leprechaun got to meet Piri the Pukeko!

    Your package that arrived earlier in the term, caused great excitement here, so we thought it was important to send one back.

    We are very happy to hear that our national hero Brian O'Driscoll is know about in New Zealand also. Mike Brewer, the New Zealand rugby player was in Greystones only last week! He was doing some coaching and gave our Teacher's son some good advice.

    With every good wish

    1. I think that Mr Webb might be able to identify who Mike Brewer is, but I am not sure that many others would. know. Thank you so much for your gift it has our students buzzing. Good luck for your final Six Nations game.
      Mr Webb.

  2. It is cool to get a package back from Ireland and also sad that Brian O'Driscoll was about to play his last test match for Ireland.

    1. Yes Reuben but he had an amazing career and is getting a great send off. Thanks for your comment Reuben. Much appreciated.

  3. Hi Room 1,
    Look exciting when you got the package from Ireland. It must have been fun taking pictures of the leprechaun all over your school. Did you guys know that you were getting that package or was it a big surprise?
    Lucy and Isabella
    Year 6T, Sydney, Australia