Friday, 28 February 2014

Auroa Primary's 3d Printer!

We're very excited in Room One that this week our School took delivery of our new 3d Printer.  We've spent the last two or three days organising the printer, running test prints and preparing to problem solve with it.  If you are unsure about a 3d printer and what it is capable of you can view this new item here or have a look at the Room 8 class page, as their students posted about it this morning.

Auroa Schools 3D Printer from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

This video is the test print of a balloon car, which didn't work perfectly, but was pretty close.  We are continuing to refine our printer and our students are confident that we can get it working completely early next week.   This video was filmed, time lapsed and put together by Lucas from Room One on Friday 28th February 2014.

Does your school have a 3d printer? What can you make using a 3d printer? What school application should we have with it? What can we consider using it for?


  1. Hi there room one. The 3D printer sounds really cool!!! Our school might be getting one too =) Can you do a video that shows us when it works probaly?
    Thanks heaps,
    Anna 8C Sewlyn House

  2. If you have any kids who are in to minecraft then this server lets you design things in minecraft and then print them out on a 3D printer. I have used the server but haven't done the printing so I can't vouch for it completely - but it looks like fun.

    (I got here because my daughter's class visited your blog so I wanted to as well.)

  3. Hi Room 1, your 3D printer looks awesome!
    Our school should be getting one soon too!
    After seeing this video I'm really excited to see and use our one when we get it.
    I'd love to see another video of you 3d printer, it looks like great fun!

    From Eva
    Selwyn House
    Christchurch NZ

  4. Wow! The 3D printer sounds really interesting. We don't have one at our school. It is amazing how far technology has come recently. What else do you think you could use it for?

  5. Hi room 1, that looks so cool. i remember when we made balloon cars in year 5 and look technology has made a 3D printer. Keep it up!

  6. Hi Room 1,
    It looks like fun! Shame it didn't workout. You're really lucky to have one our school doesn't have one.
    From Madison F and Victoria.S
    In Mrs T's class room blog

  7. Hi Mr Webb's class, your 3D printer looks lot's of fun! I wonder what one 3D printer could create? Can't wait to hear what you create with your 3D printer.
    From Mrs T's class,

  8. Hi guys,
    Wow, thats awesome. I've all ways wanted to test out a 3D printer. What other things have you created with the 3D printer?