Friday, 28 September 2018

Taranaki Tai Visits Room Six at Auroa Primary School

Yesterday we had a very special visitor to Auroa Primary School - Taranaki Tai! Tai is a Whio Dog who work (with Joe from the Department of Conservation!) on the Mountain to look for Whio (Blue Duck).   Tai goes up the Mountain three times a week.   Tai is two years old.   Tai has to wear a mussle when he is up the mountain.   When Tai finds a Whio he stands still and points like an arrow!

Room Six is going to be working on a big project to bring the Whio back to South Taranaki! We have to take care to remove the Whios main predators, the Stoats, Ferrets and Weasels.

We are very lucky to have such famous visitors to our classroom, as Tai has his own Facebook Page (called 'Taranaki Tai). 

It was a fantastic experience to help us with our Whio learning.   Tai very playful when he was in the classroom, he kept rolling on the ground.   He didn't bark and behaved himself extremely well while he was a visitor at Auroa Primary School.   Joe and Ellen from the Department of Conservation gave us lots of important information about Whio.

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