Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Drip... Drip... Clang!

Drip… Drop… Clang!
Drip drop, it sounded like a little mouse in the gutter.
Ding, a little light in the lounge lit up.

Mum put our couch in front of the sliding door in case it broke.

Slam!, slam!, slam!, Mum's tunnel house door kept on slamming
and a bar in the tunnel house was bent, and at the back window broke
as well as a fence.

While the Storm was going, and we had no power, my siblings and I
made some fun activities in the garage, Smoke from the barbeque rose
to the roof and out the door. My siblings and I ran around outside
like animals!

Flying carpet! The wind blew up air into the carpet it looked funny!

When the storm stopped we drove to Feltham, Big tree roots came
out. My Uncle has 6 big sheds and the doors broke, all of them did
Uncle get disappointed.

By Sophie

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