Sunday, 9 September 2018

Cross Country 2018 - Highlights Video


  1. Hello everybody at Auroa school !

    How brave you are ! Even in the rain, you ran the cross country. But you're right, adventure is also that. Are there any winners in your class ? But the most important thing is to have participated and especially to have fun.
    One more time, thanks a lot Mr Bloor for sharing with us the life of our Friends from Auroa School.
    In a few days, we’ll post on our class blog a short video in which we’ll introduce ourselves.
    Tomorrow, we’ll repeat our show " Trésors d’Histoires "; we’ll sing the songs of the CD next Tuesday and Wednesday on the stage of the local festival " InterVal d’Automne ". It will be a great experience for us.

    À très bientôt les amis.
    Serge Galligani et les élèves de CM2 de l’école primaire de Brindas, France

  2. CM2
    So wonderful (as always) to hear from you again, our dear friends! We had a very exciting time and we had many winners from our classroom of students and some who went on to represent our school at the local Schools Cross Country Race. So fantastic that you are back online again and with us for another year.
    Mr Webb