Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The Black Out

The Blackout

Suddenly the lights started to flicker and the room went dark. Dad  got the candles mum
got the matches and Luke and I got the torches. Once every room in the house was full
of light, we noticed that the bobby shed was being blown across the paddock, the roof
had been blown off and the same with the sides.

“ What would you like to have for dinner there's eggs eggs and more eggs.” Said mum and
we all went with eggs. While we were having dinner we could hear the wind howling and it
was banging on the windows. Bang one of our stools hit the bricks outside, so dad ran
outside and moved the stools away from the window, so it won't get blown into the window!

At about 6am the power came back on. Once we had our breakfast Luke and I got on our
bikes and rode down to the cowshed, but we had to stop because a big tree had fallen
down, so we turned around and went to see how badly damaged the bobby shed was,
but it was gone. But later on we found out that Dad had took it away with the tractor,
never to be seen again.


  1. We have cow sheds in Australia but what are bobby sheds?

  2. Great work McKenna great story!😁