Tuesday 17 November 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 14

Incredibly as it may seem as we are nearing the end of the school year we are also ending the year of various projects, first and foremost amongst them is Taranaki Survivor: which is incredibly already up to episode 14.  There are only seven competitors left at this point, all desperately hoping to make it through to the grand final in the last week of school.  This weeks episode was a auction where the players could use imaginary money to purchase items... would this be a chance to relax? Would this be an elimination episode? There are yet more twists and turns for the competitors as we approach the grand final in a few short weeks! Who would make it through to the next round? Who would fall short? Would there be another immunity idol played? Who would make a big move? All these rhetorical questions might well be answered in episode 14!

Taranaki Survivor Episode 14 from myles webb on Vimeo.

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