Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Ten

A shock elimination took place in this weeks episode. Since the start of the game there have been four leaders who were running each of the teams. Rico and Siobhan were in charge of Kikorangi, until Rico organised a blind side and had Siobhan voted out. Caro and Mackenna were in charge of Whero, until just before the merge, Whero eliminated Mackenna.

That only left Caro and Rico, who is proving popular with the oversees audience, as the original team leaders. The teams merged and in a shock development one of the two remaining leaders went out in the first merged vote. Would it be Caro? Would it be Rico? Would Caro's domination of her team lead to the others making her a target? Would Rico's popularity and skill in physical challenges mean that for him the end would be near?

Who would be identified as the biggest threat in the game? Who is the most sneakiest? Who would help an old lady across the street? Who do the remaining players think will win the game? 

All these questions answered in episode ten - there's only five weeks to go until the grand finale - who will become the first member of the jury? You can't afford to miss the developments in the most exciting episodic classroom blog challenge competition of all time! 

Survivor10 from myles webb on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi Room 3,

    I really enjoyed your movie. Our topic this term is called Survivors and we have been learning about adaptations of animals.
    What was it like to take part in the Survivors?