Monday, 2 November 2015

Some significant milestones

We're very happy this week to have achieved one particular milestone and have a second just a few days away.  This month this page had its highest viewing figures of a single month in its nearly two years of existence, when following the success of Survivor: Taranaki, the class page achieved 8k visitors in a single month and repeated broke the 400 pageviews a day mark.

Secondly and more important we wait with baited breath for Caro, nominated for a MOA Kluster Award and student blogger to pass the 13.4k pageview mark making her the most popular individual Auroa Primary School Blogger of All Time! She has had a fantastic year and written a number of popular and interesting posts.  You can click on the link to her fantastic blog here.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, 8K is a lot of visitors. We love looking at your blog and seeing what you are learning across the world. Well done Caro, thats a great achievement!
    Primary 4/5 have a few questions for you. Sadly we are not so lucky as you with our technology and are having a lot of problems. 11 of our 15 laptops aren't working :( so the children asked me to post this for them after they typed it up...
    • What topic are you doing?
    • Do you have to wear shorts every day?
    • How many people is in your class?
    • Do you all like to play games, which kind?
    • What kind of food do you eat?
    • How many pupils are in your school?
    • Do you get Golden Time?
    • What is the name of your head teacher?
    • What does your classroom look like?
    • Where is Taranaki?
    • How long have you had a blog for?
    • What are your favourite things to do in class?
    • Do you have homework?
    • What do you do at playtime?
    • What is it like living in New Zealand?
    • Do you like your school?
    • What time does school start/break/lunch?
    • What is the weather like, spring/summer/autumn/winter?
    • Is it hot at Christmas?
    • How hot can it get?
    • Do you go outside a lot?
    • Has there ever been a hurricane?
    • Do you learn any languages?
    • What are some of your favourite things?
    • Do you play sports?
    • Why do you wear sandals?