Tuesday, 3 March 2015

School Triathlon Recount: Jayden

W.A.L.T: I am writing a recount about a school event.

On Wednesday the school had a triathlon we were lining up go to the filed my heart
was bolting I was so nervous all the little kids had gone. Intimidated your up "Mr Tia said on
your mark get set go said Mr Tia" When Mr Tia said go we bolted to the ground."2 laps
Around the field you can do this I said to my self " 1st lap down 4.60 meters around the field.
2nd lap around 3.60 meters then run to my bike.

Bike from school to fords farm then back to school on the way up it was hard biking
up to fords on the way back it was easy biking then 2 tracks came along and I just
about fall off my bike because of the wind from the tracks.The girls are gaining on the boys behind
me. Then we got back to school then we had to swim.

Swim 2 lengths of the school pool which were 1st length 25 meters 2nd length 25
meters all together 1.25 meters then got out of the pool and got dressed then went
and got my justice ice block the day ends with a sausage and drink.

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