Monday, 16 March 2015

Some Amazing Room Three Student Posts...

Some of the students from Room Three have made a fantastic start to their blogging.  Its impossible to Highlight everyone in the classroom but there are some wonderful examples that are available for you to have a look at.

Mackenna created an iMovie about her Dog and has asked some wonderful questions about Pets that can be located by clicking on the link here.   The 2015 MOA KLUSTER awards might be later in the year but already Jorja has been taking some fantastic Photographs from her Farm.  You can see some of the wonderful videos that Jayden has been creating using iMovie about some of exciting things happening on his farm.  Zariah posted about her weekend - a great recount about her time at Dawson Falls.   Abby has also been creating some wonderful work and publishing it online.

You can see the students from Room Three who are regularly updating their blogs on the right hand side-bar.  We really appreciate your feedback and comments and kind words.


  1. Hi Room Three and Mr Webb,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments on our posts.

    I am really impressed with your student blogs. We will follow them closely and will use them as part of our blog reading in literacy. The class are learning to write quality comments so we hope to work on those skills and start commenting on other blogs.

    Ka pai Room 3! Keep up the awesome work!!

    From Miss Lologa
    Meadowbank School
    Remuera, Auckland

  2. Room 19 Meadowbank School18 March 2015 at 10:08

    HI Mr Webb,

    As we were looking through your blog this morning the class noticed the students shoes. (your picture on your main page shows most of the students wearing the same or similar shoes)

    They wanted to know if it is part of your school uniform?

    From Room 19
    Meadowbank School

    1. Hello Room 19
      Thanks for your comment, we really appreciate it. Our students of Auroa Primary School are able to wear footwear of their choice, with a couple of exceptions. Jandals or Sandals can be worn in Summer, although not with socks. Shoes can be worn but they are not allowed to be loud shoes. Hope that this helps.
      Mr Webb

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