Wednesday, 25 March 2015

What Does R3 Know About the USA?

This week we're really excited to be helping out Mrs Ladds Class from North Carolina, USA, as they participate in an amazing feat - they are Skyping for Twenty Four Hours. Room Three will be talking to them on Friday for half an hour - we were lucky to be able to view their school website and Class Wiki, which got us thinking - what do we really know about the USA? We thought that we knew a lot but when challenged to come up with five facts each about the USA that were correct, it turned out to be harder than we thought! The slideshow with this post is a series of pictures of the Scrap Books of the students of Room Three. It also lead us to create a series of questions for Mrs Ladds Class that came out of what we read about them and what we think we know from class - some of the highlights included:

  • Do have to wear hats at school (as they are compulsory at our School in New Zealand)?
  • Can you bring your own lunch to School?
  • Do any of your students and their families live or work on farms?
  • How do you keep safe from Alligators?
  • Do you wear shoes at School?
  • What do you students do at break time?
  • Do you know what Rugby is and does anyone play it?
  • What Colour is McDonalds in America?
  • What kind of wild animals do you have around where you live?
We are looking forward to speaking to Mrs Ladds class on Friday (which will be Thursday theyre time).   

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