Friday, 6 March 2015

Recount Writing: Kyah Writes about Athletics

200 metre race here I come Mania , Kaponga , Matapu, St Patrick's game on. Nerves were shuffling around me like a puzzle, butterflies were fluttering around me like mad the flag is a evil red but my luck ran out it has turned to a luscious light green.

Ready, set (bang!!) running as fast as the flick of light and Usain Bolt put together, my breath was was getting stolen. My opponents follow close behind 50 metres down 150 meters to go Mania Romes behind me greedy for victory.

Running hard out I think my breath is 0% bird are going round in circles through my head. Nearly at the finish line strains of blood are pumping through my body at a uncontrollable speed. Taking a deep strong breath struggling to pump it back out my confidence levels of winning are shrinking down to 30% 2 steps away from victory 1... 2... complete.

A funny feeling swipes throw my body. Receiving my glossy red stick. my breath had gone , my victory is received, my mind is dizzy. I felt a bit funny then all of sudden streams of tears race down my face. Heat is turning everyone into bright red bulging tomatoes. I had stomach pain, gurgling water down my throat better but not good enough a strong feeling hit me saying"i need to go home". 

Teachers Note: this is Kyah's recount about her attendance at the local schools Athletics Field Day held at Victoria Park, Kaponga on Thursday 5th March.

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