Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Auroa Primary School - Our Playground 2014

Auroa Playground 2014 - slideshows

Today we had our first day in class as Room One.  One of our first tasks was for a collaboration that we are going to be working on with Nexus International School in Singapore.  We're starting by comparing playgrounds between ourselves and them.  We are also doing something similar with a new blog that we have discovered Tipperary Station Blog a School on a 63,000 cattle farm in Australia.

The photographs were taken by a variety of Room One students in under ten minutes!

What can you recognise from the photographs? What areas are similar at your own school? How is your playground different to some of the areas at Auroa Primary School? Is there anything that you think we could need? Do you have any questions?


  1. Wow I really like your playground! We used to have swimming lessons in year 4 but we used to go to our local swimming bath on a coach as we don't have our own pool. Do you use your pool a lot?
    Class 11, Hopwood C P School, England

    1. Jake thank you so much for being the fist student ever to leave a comment on our class page, the students were very excited to receive it and we discussed where you were from and what you asked, we thought it was funny that you said "swimming bath" because we call it the "swimming pool".

  2. Hi Room 1
    Thank you for taking the time to take all those wonderful photos for us. I know that the students really enjoyed looking at your school. We've got a swimming pool and a grass field at Nexus too.

    What is your favourite part of the playground?

    Year 5 Teacher
    Nexus International School Singapore

  3. Hi

    Thank you for sharing your photos in the playground.
    I really enjoyed looking at the playground.
    In our school we have pool and we have grass field too.
    We also have a playground for kinder gardens.
    My favourite playground is the grass field and the pool because I enjoy swimming with Mr Jeff and my classmate.

    What is the good benefits having playground in the school?


  4. Hello Andrew,
    I think the good benefits of having a playground in school is becuase they are realy fun and they keep us active and fit.

    I love having a playground or field in school

    Do you like having a playground and why?

    From Lexi
    Nexus International School Singapore

  5. hey
    thank you for sharing your school play ground it is really cool my favourite part was when you showed the monkey bars that was really cool thank you

  6. Hello I'm Gary
    Thank you for sharing all these awesome things for people to look at.
    You also Have many awesome designs.
    Is it dangerous in the school

  7. Hi
    I think your playground is really cool. I play cricket and rugby. Do you play a lot of sports? That sounds cool to have a new pool we have a pool too. Do you go swimming all year round?
    I think your pictures are really cool.
    bye and thanks

  8. Hi room 1
    Great playground.We have been trying to design a better playground for our school. Class 2PB and Mr PB

  9. Hi room 1
    that is the most Fabulas playground I have ever seen! Thank you for taking the time to take that many photos for our blog. Your pool looks cool but how many times do you swim in your pool every week?

    Nexus Learner