Thursday, 30 January 2014

Auroa Primary School - We're LIVE tomorrow from 9am!

School starts for all students of Auroa Primary School on Monday 3rd of February 2014.

We will be officially opening this blog at that time. (9:00am New Zealand time).

Thanks so much for your visit, we look forward to networking with you and collaborating at some point in the future.

If you received a package that was posted from us, then we'd love to see a post about it on your class page so we could share those with the Room One students on the first day of School.

Thanks again.
Mr Webb and Room One,
Auroa School.


  1. Kia Ora Mr Webb, we are wishing you and your new class and school all the best for this year! Room 15 (Class 9) will make an effort to visit your blog and comment. Thank you for leaving us comments on our blog too.

    Arohanui Miss Lavakula and Room 15@PtEngland

    1. Thanks you so much Miss Lavakula. Always great to hear from you and look forward to seeing what your students are producing!

  2. Thank you so much for the beautiful comment. We will be visiting your blog too when your school starts. We wish you and your class all the best for 2014.

    Mrs. Sharma &Room 10

  3. Hello Mr Webb and Room 1! I'm feeling very special being one of the early commentators on this blog as I know Mr Webb has blogs that have been famous around the world!. Look forward to being Room 1 superstars!

  4. Another comment from me...I got some ideas for my side bar thanks! Visit us at

  5. Congratulations on a new school year, Mr. Webb and crew! We are halfway through our school year here in northern Vermont, U.S.A. I received your comment on our snow shoeing activity - yes, our students put on specialized shoes to walk on snow! It's part of our physical education program, and it is something many of us do for fun when we are not in school! The snow is covering our ground, and we sometimes miss school because the snow makes the roads too dangerous - of course it adds days to the end of our school year! Please stay in touch with us! We're happy to collaborate!

  6. Welcome to Room One Auroa School to the world of blogging. Looking forward to visiting this blog over the year and to seeing what you achieve. This blog is like a window into your classroom ;) You will have visitors from all over the world. We will visit from Greystones, Wicklow in Ireland. With every good wish for an enjoyable and productive school year.

  7. We have put up a blog post to thank you:
    This is a Part One. Part Two to follow.

  8. Hello Students at Aurora and Mr. Webb,
    We look forward to seeing what happens at your new school and blog site. We followed you at Melville and even learned from your students counting and some other things a few years ago.
    I started a new position this year and instead of teaching one class of about 20 2nd graders I now teach 820 students for 40 minutes each week in Global Studies/technology classes. They are kindergarten through fifth graders. Some of them are the same students that learned from your students before.
    We are located in Monroe, North Carolina USA. Our blog site is Going Global at Rocky River---
    The second grade students are currently learning about the importance of water and having clean water for everyone around the world.
    The fifth graders are working on a biome project that we will share shortly. The third and fourth grade students are working on National Parks.
    We will check back soon to see what's happening at your school.