Sunday, 9 February 2014

Auroa Primary School Student Blogs - Examples

This week its extremely exciting for the students of Room One, Auroa Primary School as we start to 'roll out' our individual student blogs.  As part of that process we are looking at some outstanding examples of individual blogs from around New Zealand and the world.

Our students this week are going to visit these blogs, choose one that they particularly like and leave a comment to the students following the procedure that we've agreed to.

Point England School is based in Auckland.  It has a fantastic range of student blogs that are available, as every student has one.   These are sample blogs from some of the students to visit.  Josephine has a great blog detailing her education.  Have a look at its layout, including the background and widgets that she has used.  You can click on the link here.

Sela is another student who has a fantastic looking blog (again think about the background, her title).  She writes about events that occur with her and her family and includes photographs and information.  You can view Sela's blog by clicking on the link here.

All of the Point England School sites are linked through their main blogs.  If you go to this link here you can visit all of the Room 18 sites.

This is Bella's site from Russel Street School.  Its a great example of someone using a blog as a portfolio for developing their work and ideas.

Another of the best sites in the world is the blog of Mrs Yollis.  She has had some amazing students in her class and some of these have continued to blog.  You can visit the sites belonging to Miriams Magic Moments here, Heathers Perfect Posts here or Come Somersault with Sarah here.  Again have a look at the backgrounds, the headings, the widgets and most of all the learning.   You can also look for more students work from Mrs Yollis class page here.


  1. Mr Webb

    Thank you for the great links to the student blogs. I will definitely show them to my blogging club students.

    Miss Tyler-Smith

  2. Dear Mr Webb and class,

    Thank you for mentioning some students from Pt England School in this post and to all your class members who have been giving them wonderful feedback on their blogs.

    I am pleased to see that the year has started out so well for all of you in this fabulous class.

    I am also checking out some of YOUR student blogs.

    Mrs Burt
    Pt England

    1. Thank you Mrs Burt and we appreciate the feedback for our students.
      Its such a wonderful experience.

  3. He♔ther and Keira12 February 2014 at 06:15

    Dear Mr. Webb and Room One,

    Hi! My name is Heather from Mrs. Yollis' class in California. I am so happy that you put my blog as one of the examples. I can see that you are a starter blogger, but all of your posts and comments are exceptional! When did you start your blog?

    Hi! My name is Keira and I am also from Mrs. Yollis' class. I also have a blog, but I just started it in January. Now it has no posts, but I am working on my welcome post. Here is a link to my blog:

    Keira's Big Ideas

    Do you have any suggestions for my blog?

    He♔ther and Keira

    1. Heather and Keira
      Thank you both for your comment. We only started blogging as a class this year, although our teacher has had a class page since 2008. He was lucky enough to meet Mrs Yollis online and see her class page in 2009 and he always loves to visit her page and see the work of her students. Thank you for the wonderful work Heather that allows us to use it as an example from the other side of the world.

      I have visited your page already and look forward to seeing your posts. I do have some suggestions for your blog. Your class has some wonderful bloggers already and I would look at their work and learn from them. Our students are using Heathers page as an example and using the way its set out to inspire them as well as blogs from other students. Have a look at what others are doing and use them as inspiration. Secondly you are so lucky to have Mrs Yollis who is probably one of the best teachers in the whole world! Talk to her and ask her advice. You have such wonderful comments that will allow you to have great feedback. Please leave us a comment when you start posting and I will come back with our classroom.

      Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary SChool, Taranaki, New Zealand.

  4. Hey Mr Webb and Room One,
    Its me Sela. Thanks a lot for leaving comments on my Blog. It was a GREAT pleasure to be reading a comment from a different part of New Zealand. You've done a GREAT start with blogging. I really enjoyed reading this Blog Post. You've all done a Great job Room One and Mr Webb. Keep Striving to Succeed. Thanks for including my Name in this Post.

    From you're Dearly Friend Sela. Pt England Primary School.

    1. Sela
      It was a pleasure to show case your work and thank you for replying to our post with your comment. Our students were really impressed with your blog and the way its set out and your information and it has given them lots of ideas and is a great model for them to consider.

      They were impressed also with your comment and the way that it was set out. Good luck with the rest of your school year and we will be regularly following you and keeping track of your work.

      MR Webb and Room ONe