Friday, 14 February 2014

APS - Triathlon 2014

APS Triathlon Pool 2014 on PhotoPeach

Each of our students have their own individual student blogs which are listed on the right hand side.  We've written recounts from the School Triathlon which took place on Friday.  This recount was written by Dayna from Room One.  You can visit her page by clicking on the link here.

AUROA SCHOOL TRIATHLON On your mark get set go!!!!! Mr Chitterden yelled as his lungs probably burst. It was hot so I had to kept my pace all the way. Two laps around the school field was too much for me because it was so hot i think the sun would melt away. My dad was yelling his head off. When I got to my bike I chucked my helmet on and ran to Mrs Cocker. I was puffed so that didn't make it any easier to bike It took forever to bike felt like an hour or so. It started to rain that made me fell better it was nice and cold on my legs on the way back I zoomed downhill wwwwweeeeeee to Mrs Ericson. To do my five lengths of the school pool i swam like I never swam before mmmmm after i had an ice block. That triathlon was fun. It was great for fitness.

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  1. Hi I'm Zoe from Selwyn House School,
    It looks really fun swimming in your pool!
    It's great that your doing lots of lengths for swimming!
    Was it nice weather?