Friday, 7 February 2014

Auroa Primary School - Discovery Time with Room 8

Discovery time 7/2/14 on PhotoPeach

Today in Room Eight the students held a 'discovery' lesson.  Students were able to participate in a range of learning activities.  Room One students were able to help the teachers and also record the event.   The students who helped out then took the photographs to Room Eight and shared their slideshow with the students.  They liked it so much that they were rolling in the classroom laughing!

What activities can you see the students participating in? What things would you like to try? What other ideas could the students from Room One take part in for discovery time?


  1. This is awesome. What a fun way to discover things.
    Mrs. Sharma and Room 10 Tamaki Primary School

    1. Mrs SHarma
      Thank you for the visit and the kind words our students really enjoyed the experience and it was nice to be able to record the event for our families.