Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Auroa Primary School at the Auckland Nines

In Room One we've been looking at ways to display media on our student and class pages. We had two students who were lucky enough to travel to the Auckland Nines NRL competition. Will brought in photographs that he took at the event and was able to use Photopeach to create this slideshow of the event. Auckland NRL nines on PhotoPeach


  1. Hi my name is Reuben Clough I'm a Yr 8 At Awahono School.Cool side show with the NRL nines

    1. Thank you i had fun and enjoyed the teams showing some mad skill
      Will Auroa school Room1 Taranaki

    2. Reuben
      Thank you for your feedback on Wills Slideshow, as you can see he does appreciate it very much and I know he had a great time at the event.
      Mr Webb