Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Auroa Primary - What we know about Singapore

Today in class we looked at our students knowledge of Singapore.  We brainstormed our existing knowledge, with the assistance of Mr Chittenden, the Auroa School Principal,  who contributed facts. We then came up with a series of questions that we could ask to improve our knowledge of Singapore.   Finally we started to come up with a list of activities that our students take part in or carry out during their own lunchtime or breaks.  This slide show shows some of the work in progress.

Singapore Existing Knowledge/Questions on PhotoPeach


  1. hi,
    I'm Miko from Nexus internatinal school Singapore, we use the MRT (mass rapid trasportation) the bus and because everywhere is realy close you can walk to almost anywhere! If you ever come to Singapore you must try the chicken rice because it is the dish Singapore is best known for. The sports we play aren't that different to yours. So we break and lunch play tag, bull dog,football, just sit and chat and on wensday we can go to the art room and do crafts. But best of all on friday in our libary we have a film but the film has to be based on a book like harry potter and other ones. Singapore is a city and a country at the same time! We have the same technolage as you computers, phones and other tech. Our punishment is quite bad in Singapore not only at school but in the MRT and the bus. If you eat or drink on a bus or MRT you get fined. In school is you do something really bad you can get ecspelled or sespended! You are allowed Chewing gum but you can't spit it out on the street you can only have it in your house.

    What can't you do in New Zealand?


  2. Hi my name is Danielle
    i go to Selwyn House School in Christchurch NZ and you're class sounds amazing and i would love to be in you're class. I wish you're class well for the year and hope you have a heap more exciting things waiting round the corner.