Saturday, 15 February 2014

APS Triathlon 2014 Part 2

Today we held our first major event of 2014 with the Auroa Primary School Triathlon   The event was  held at school and we had most of the school competing in the three categories    Congratulations to Izzy who won the Girls senior race and Tom who won the senior boys competition   Alyssa from Room One competed and wrote this recount about the event.  You can visit her page by clicking on the link here.

On your marks, get set... 

Blood pumping, sweat pouring, eyes bulging out of my sockets like a jack-in-the-box. I hear Mr Chittenden’s voice booming across the field. Kids were setting themselves up for the first triathlon race of the day. “3,2,1, GO!!!" Just as the middle kids were starting their race. I was whisked away like a lighting bolt toward my tandem bike. Fear was in the air. By the time Dad loaded me into my tandem bike kids were swarming around like flies, trying to get a glimpse of my new wheels. At last we were off. “Pedal Dad, pedal!" I shouted, anxiously looking behind me. The wind blasted my face. Quick as a flash Izzie passed us with a grin from ear to ear. Halfway through the race, I started to get a weird feeling inside me. Black clouds gathered around us and it started to rain. Spits fogged up my glasses. Dad was red faced pumping with energy. I looked behind me. Soon we were passed by bikers from every direction. As we turned around and headed for home, I commented worriedly, “Dad, I don’t think we are going to pass the bikers” “Don’t worry, we’ll pass them” Dad chuckled with a smile. After we climbed up the steep hill, he suddenly put the bike into fast gear. I was happy that we overtook the bikers. I felt like we were flying as we zoomed passed the finish line. I could finally relax and have a hot sausage and a drink.


  1. That's an awesome story Mr Webb. I enjoyed the short sentences and felt they really increased the action and tension on the story. I also thought the writer used interesting verbs such as 'glimpse' and 'blasted'. I also noticed a really interesting (and rarely used) adverb 'worriedly'. Well done Alyssa

    1. Alyssa, Room 1, Auroa School, South Taranaki. Thank you Mr Spice for the amazing comment. I really like doing sport!