Monday, 12 May 2014

Wills Amazing Post from his Blog

 A little hedgehog paid us a visit we took him inside and looked on the internet what do hedgehogs eat. it came up with cat biscuits.
We have a name for him Harry the hedgehog.

If you know anything about hedgehogs please comment and let me know.


  1. Dear mrs wiley.
    I dont know a lot about a hedgehog but someone in my class will know a lot.When did you find the hedgehog?what time?
    From your blogger jacob come to are blog and jacob jottling.

    1. thanks Jacob we no longer have him he's in our wood shed we made him a little bed.
      Will Auroa school Room1

  2. Hello, it is me, Sam. From Austin, Texas. Harry the hedgehog sounds like a really cool pet. Are you keeping it? Come visit my blog at

  3. That's really! I've never seen a hedgehog before and I didn't know they liked cat biscuits that's really interesting. The only animal that looks sort of like a hedgehog is an armadillo in Texas.

  4. Hi Will,

    I absolutely love hedgehogs!
    There used to be a hedgehog living in our compost eating scraps!
    We named him hedgy the hedgehog.
    Is your hedgehog a baby?

    Zoe from 8C Selwyn House.

  5. Hi Will,
    I absolutely love hedgehogs!
    We used to have a hedgehog living in our compost.
    We named him Hedgy the hedgehog.
    Is your hedgehog a baby?

    Zoe 8C Selwyn House

  6. Hi. I'm Lititia. I like that you have a hedgehog in your class. I also like how you gave it the name, Harry. I never knew that a hedgehog could be a pet.