Friday, 9 May 2014

Auroa Primary School Business Ideas for AKO


  1. Hello, Mr Webb and room one, aurora school.
    We are in year 5 Nexus international school Singapore.
    We are working on a minecraft project in which we have to map your classroom with measurement.
    We were wondering if you would answer some questions like what is the width and length of your class? What is the shape of your classroom?
    Please answer these questions.
    Thank you for your time and co-operation.

    William & Sally

  2. Hi
    Our names are Emma and Maya from class 5B at Nexus Singapore. We are writing to ask if you could help us with a minecraft project. Our project is to map unknown classroom using minecraft. May we ask some questions about you classroom.

    What is the length and width of your classroom? What is the height of you classroom?
    What kinds of furniture do you have? What shape is your furniture?
    What colours do you have in your classroom?

    From Maya and Emma

  3. Hi Mr Webb and class,
    We are writing to you to ask some questions for the minecraft project. What shape is your room? What is the hight, length and width of the room? How many tables do you have and what shape are they? What length and width are the tables? What furniture do you have?
    I hope you will get back to us soon.


  4. Hi my name is Reuben Clough, one question is AKO means and business idea

    for 'Re-Purposing'? means

  5. Hi Mr Webb,

    I found you through @goodwingold and have loved exploring your blog :) Primary school is such a creative time and I think I can learn a lot from you and your posts.

    I was particularly grabbed by Alyssa's idea of using old tyres as vegetable gardens - that sounds like a really fun idea that could definitely be relevant in high school science.

    Looking forward to seeing more of what you do,
    Miss Wells