Sunday 25 May 2014

4,000 Individual Students hits... and amazing work...

This week we've had two students from Room One, Auroa Primary School have over 4,000 hits on their individual student blogs. Izzy reached the mark slightly ahead of Emily. All of our students have done an amazing job with their students blogs which have been created for the first time for our school.

Next term one of our major events is a Digital Awards for our Moa Cluster which includes Auroa Primary School, Matapu Primary School and Opunake Primary School.    There are an entire raft of awards that will be competed for, one of these is for digital photography, Emily from Room One, whose blog is Emily's E-mazing Smarticles has just published a slideshow of some of her photography.  Its a stunning piece of work that can be viewed by clicking on the link here.

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  1. Hi there, my name is Kelly Stringer, and I go to Awahono School!! Wow, 4,000 hits on Izzy’s blog? That is amazing, and I wish I had that many on my blog. Izzy must be producing pretty high standards if she’s got that many views on her blog, and I think Emily is doing pretty awesome too. I like her title: Emily’s E-mazing Smarticles. Neat!! You can go to my blog too, if you just type in this address: