Wednesday, 7 May 2014

6RC Have their own student blogs...

Last term we made some fantastic collaborations with classrooms and students from around the world.  One of our best contacts was with the students from 6RC in Sydney.  
Since the start of this term the students have created their own individual blogs.   Our task this morning is to visit at least one of the students blogs, look a piece of work or post created by the student and leave a comment about the post. All of the 6RC student blogs can be accessed by clicking on the link to their class page here.  

Opunake Primary School, Room One, Y7/8 have also started their own individual student blogs.  They did this at the end of last term and since then they've begun posting again for the start of the new term.  Just like Room One, Auroa Primary School you can click on the Room One, Opunake Primary School page and see the students pages on the right hand side.


  1. Dear Mr Webb
    Thank you so much for telling the world about our own student blog, it really helps.

  2. Hi Mr Webb, Thanks so much for putting a post up about our own student blogs. We are all so excited to keep posting about our Passion Projects. I can't wait to start reading your class' blogs and commenting on them. I've read some very interesting projects like using a 3D printer! Very exciting.

  3. Dear Mr Webb,
    Thankyou for your post about our classes blogs, we really appreciate you for doing this.
    We were all excited when some of us got comments from your students!

  4. Dear Students and Teachers at Auroa School Room One,

    Thank you for recommending our blogs, we enjoyed Skyping with your class in our semester one. I have been posting on my blog and would appreciate it if you could leave a comment.

    Kind Regards,

    Hope at 6rc

  5. Hi Mr Webb and room one,
    I also enjoyed skyping with you in term one. I hope you can comment on my blog at:

    Hope to blog with you more,