Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Crowley Cup Highlights Vs. Opunake Primary

At Auroa Primary School we've got some exciting competitions coming up.  We are really excited that our Y7/8 Sport has just started and we're going to be attending the NZAIMS tournament in Tauranga, later this year.  At the moment our Y5/6 students are currently competing in the Crowley Cup.  Its a local competition against other Primary Schools from our area in Rugby and Netball.  Our first game took place last Thursday with Auroa Primary School hosting our friends from Opunake Primary.  This video of the Rugby was filmed in Imovie by our students who then edited and published it.  Will had to reshoot the introduction because the day it took place and we had strong winds which eliminated all our  Netball footage! It was not ideal conditions to film, record and present.
Crowley Cup Vs. Opunake from Myles Webb on Vimeo.
Player of the day for Auroa in the Rugby was Matt Clarke, Auroa who are in their purple with orange trim, won the rugby 51-0. Katelyn Hughes was player of the day for Auroa who won 11-8. You can read about it on our school website here.

Our friends at Opunake Primary School beat us to the post in this case.  They've got some great blogs up and running and we enjoyed visiting them often.  Mr Lodge and the students of Room 14 have been posting very regularly and you can view their footage of the sports exchange.


  1. Dear Myles Webb,
    I have never seen a blog like this before! It's an excilent way to show how to do the sport in stead of imagining it in your head. This is a very creative blog!

  2. hi its Blake I like how you guys put so much effort into it good job

  3. Hi, I'm Jenna, looks like you have a really good rugby team and looks like you would've had a fun game. We had a rugby league tournament last week and won, out of all the schools on the West Coast.