Monday, 26 May 2014

Is this Auroa Primar School Room One? Take Two

Our friends from Nexus International School in Singapore have tried again. Following our Skype call and conversation they completed an initial two dimensional map. We gave them some really detailed feedback on their maps and under the leadership of Alyssa we gave them further directions. Thats lead to their maps of Auroa Primary School, Part Two. This video is from their wonderful class page.

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  1. Dear Room One and Mr Webb,

    You are so lucky to have another school across the other side of the world to share your learning with and watch it help them! What a wonderful project :)

    On a side note, thank you for your comment Mr Webb and I will pass on the positive feedback to the boys, (sometimes I send students to my blog to see their published work, but in case they missed it) as well as thinking about font size and creating a mark to lead everyone to my blog.

    Miss Wells