Thursday, 1 May 2014

Auroa Primary School Robotics Starts!

We're currently in the school holidays in New Zealand, our first day of term two is going to be Monday 5th of May when our students will be back in class.   In the meantime we're currently in the second and final week of the term one holidays.  Not for some! Students last week and this have been meeting to plan their entries for Auroa Schools Robotics teams for 2014!   The competition starts with our regional competition, taking place at Wanganui Intermediate in June.   Auroa have set themselves a tough challenge - last year placing first, second and third in the Junior Theatre section of the competition,   This is followed by the Robocup Nationals taking place in September, in Dunedin.

While we are unable to reveal too many details before the competition we'd love to hear from you if you are attending your respective regional qualifying competitions and would really like to hear from anyone else whose intending to be in Dunedin for the finals.


  1. Hi! this is Wally from Mrs.Kreise's class in Austin Texas. I like you cool robotic design's. Our team of robotics doesn't go very far. I feel like haven't even seen my own Schools robotics team! I like robotics and I think I'm going to see more posts!

  2. Hi Room One!!
    It's great to see schools involved in Robocup this year! I am also competing in the competition although I am doing rescue.

    What are you doing, theatre, rescue or soccer?
    From Georgia,
    8C Selwyn House School