Thursday 8 May 2014

Auroa Primary School: Educreations to Show Mathematics Strategy

In class for Mathematics we've been looking at using tools to explain strategies.  One of the tools that our students have been using is Educreations which is available as an App for Ipad.   These students have created these explanations about strategies to solve problems.  They've worked out a problem, worked on creating an explanation of the strategy and then recorded the strategy.  This is from Tahana who is explaining how to solve problems by doubling and halving. Isabelle from Room Ones Question was: How many hours are in a year? She worked out the answer using strategy and explains her answer as follows: The final example is from Meg. Meg question uses rounding to solve the problem 39 multiplied by 80.


  1. Hi Meg, Tahana and Isabelle!
    What great strategies! I find that the doubling and halving strategy is great for solving multiplication problems. I hope that you post more strategies for solving maths problems!

    1. Claudia
      Thank you for leaving a comment to our students, I will pass it on this morning - we really appreciate the feedback and certainly will be posting more material related to this, perhaps you could do something similar with different problem solving suggestions.
      Mr Webb

  2. Some good Math skills here Room 1. Here is a question for Meg. If 4x8=32, then why does 40x80=3200? Also, why should you round 39 to 40 in the first place? It would be interesting for my class to know the reasons behind what you are doing and why you are doing it.

    1. Mr Spice
      Thank you for your feedback. Meg's Educreation was recorded last term on the first day that we used it so perhaps she could have explained herself in more detail and the reasons behind it.
      Mr Webb

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  5. Hi,
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  6. Hey there Meg, Tahana and Isabelle!! I loved your Educreations strategies. In Room 6, we also use Educreations to show our learning. I really liked the Doubling and Halving strategy, I will definitely use it!! Hope you guys post some more maths strategies for us to use for Multiplication and Division!!
    - Kelly

  7. Mrs. Essenburg12 May 2014 at 14:19

    I enjoyed all of the screen casts. Isabelle, I am planning on showing yours to my third graders to see if they can tell me why you broke the number into the groups you did. Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Essenburg
    Third Grade Teacher
    Michigan, USA

  8. Hi! This is Wally from Mrs.Kreise's Class in Austin Texas! Its weird how ya'll do math down there, we do it in a similar way. except its almost very different. Ya'll have cool strategies down there, I hope I see more!

  9. That math strategy was really good, I should start using that for whenever I want to do mental math.